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For news last week the big story that we had on the site was…

November 20 Nobody Panic! Bitcoin Plummet Prompts Reassurance From Crypto Pundits

CryptoShoutOut to Janice McAfee‏‏ for their article in our Twitter feed.
Bitcoin has dropped almost 30% of its fiat value and analysts along with hodlers say there is nothing to panic about. Binance’s CEO especially reminds the skittish community that btc goes through swings like this and emerges stronger. John McAfee reminded the same, saying this is just a harsh winter.

November 20 India to [Finally] Draft Cryptocurrency Regulations in December: Report

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There is finally a draft bill to allow and incorporate a regulatory structure for the open ledger of cryptocurrency. They have been banned and hampered in India since 2017 by the central banking authority. Through a new financial body they are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel to open up the paradigm shift capabilities of cryptocurrency for the Indian people.

November 20 Crypto Investors Who Bought Bitcoin at $1,000 are Now Starting to Sell

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Genesis Global CEO has begun to see trading of long sleepy bitcoin accounts as traders take profits from the levels that they bought in at in 2017. This on the back of analyst sentiments saying that the fiat value could go as low as $1500.

November 20 Crypto is not the only market that has tanked.
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The mainstream media is reporting that the legacy stock market may drop 2,000 points for the year amidst several large drops that have erased its gains for the year.
Normally this would be a story that I just roll past, but there has been more and more correlation between the legacy and crypto markets as institutions enter.

November 23 ‘…even Cryptocurrencies such as #bitcoin #xrp #Ethereum are vying for a spot in the #cashless world’ IMF Chairwoman Christine Lagarde.
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Todays Stories
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BCN 1 Minute With…
Normally, Everyday we showcase a coin for you to further expand your knowledge of different cryptos with our 1 Minute With series which as the name suggest is a 1 minute video of a coin. Be sure to catch up on that.
We did not have any due to my car taking a dive on me and other technical difficulties. So please check out the archive of past coins to find ones that deserve more research on your part.

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