Most of my comics have words in them. But not this cartoon. It’s a non-verbal comic about mutation, transformation, and growth.

You might also call this artwork a silent comic, yet it says a lot. I mean that literally… because I often draw on my phone. This cartoon was entirely drawn on my smartphone. I still use an old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (from 2013) which came with a stylus and a nice drawing program called Autodesk SketchBook. Having portable digital art-making tools has totally transformed much of my art.

The theme of transformation, and one entity changing into another is as ancient as time itself. In fact, God started with nothing and created everything from nothing, just by speaking life into existence. That is pretty exciting and inspiring.

Transformations and mutations capture our attention and fascination in every age. Think of Frankenstein, the Transformers movies, and X-Men. Gratefully, real life is also full of epic changes. In the world of financial technology, think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, EOS, ONOT, and of course, TRYBE. These innovations are transforming whole markets and economies, with many more to come.

Of course, more importantly, in interpersonal relationships, think of the people you know who have radically overhauled their life after firmly committing it to God. All these transformative events are magnets to our minds. We all want to change, to grow, to be more, to improve… to transform into the effective heroes we dream about.

Gratefully, I have discovered that in Christ, good dreams do come true. I am not the person I used to be. I’m not saying I am perfect–not at all. But I am remarkably enhanced by the Spirit of the living God! My ID has the same Joseph Chiappetta name on it, but I am a different person. Ask anyone who used to know me before I started following Jesus. When I was at my worst, God scooped me up and showed me a better way… a way to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. He took my mess and made me into a man of redemption. Thank you God for making me whole!

Crypto Art Process of Transformation

To emphasize the wonder of transformation, let the following art process serve as a reminder for us to be transformed and stay transformed!

This art includes a certain roundish ONO mascot, so you might be wondering, what exactly is ONO? As a brilliant cross between Instagram, Telegram, and Steemit, ONO is a smartphone blogging app where creative users earn cryptocurrency for responsible, original, and cool publishing activity. I’ve been posting comics and drawings on ONO since its pre-alpha stage, and am impressed. When you get the ONO app (available on Google Play and Apple App Store), feel free to use my invitation code: ADZF and look me up there as joechiappetta.

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