Do not easily wear and imitate other people’s personality traits. Because, it will be a disaster that won’t ease for you. People who forget about themselves, their voices, their body movements, their speech, their abilities, and their own conditions, will mostly imitate the culture of other nations. And that is what is called latah, making it up, pretending, and forcibly killing its own form and form.

Since the first people in this world until the last people there have never been two people who were exactly the same. So, why are there still people who force themselves to equate their behavior and personality with other nations?

You are something other than others. No one resembles you in this history of life. No one has ever been created equal to you, and there will never be someone who will be like you later.

Stay grounded and walk on your own condition and character.

Live as you were created; do not change the sound, change the intonation, and do not change the way you walk! Lead yourself with divine revelation, but also do not forget your condition and kill your own independence.

You have their own style and color. And we want you to stay like that; with your own style and color. Because you are indeed created that way. We know you like that, so don’t ever talk about imitating other people.

Mankind – with its various types of character and character – like the nature of plants: some are sweet and sour, and some are long and short. And that is what humanity should be like. If you are like a banana, you don’t need to change yourself into guava, because your price and beauty will appear if you become a banana.

That is, in fact the differences in skin color, language, and abilities of each of us are signs of the greatness of the Creator. Therefore, never deny the signs of His greatness.


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