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Beat the Capper

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I went 3-3 this time. Not too shabby. Nice job (4-2) @nihar1969 and @steven-patrick I owe you 💰30,000 Moneybags for The-City . You can claim any beat the capper winnings by commenting in The General Channel of The-City with the message “I Beat the Capper”

Here are the correct picks:







How it works

– I give you my experts picks for the games. If you don’t agree with the picks, change a few

– Follow, Rate, and comment with your picks, include all picks even if you pick the same as me

– Anyone who beats my expert picks will win 💰30,000 Moneybags for The-City

*Entries must be made by 7pm Eastern US Time

My Picks

Matchup                                                                    | My Pick

Pacers +2/ Magic -2                                            | Magic

Nuggets -1 / Hornets +1                                  | Nuggets

Kings -2.5 /Cavs +2.5                                         | Kings

Raptors -8.5/ Nets +8.5                                    | Nets

Lakers +1/ Spurs -1                                             | Lakers

Warriors +1/ Bucks -1                                       | Warriors

So all you have to do is follow, rate, and comment with picks that will beat mine. Here is an example of an entry with my picks:








What can you buy with MoneyBags💰?

You can purchase CryptoGaming Assets for popular Games like Axies for Axie Infinity , ChibiFighters, SteemMontsters, CryptoKitties, Eth.Town Heroes, CryptoHorse and More is added constantly. Just visit the #hall-of-fame to see all the claimed prizes already in The-City

What is The-City?

The-City is like the Chucky Cheese for CryptoGames. Its our Discord Server that is dedicated to fun and CryptoGames. You can gamble, rob, and chicken fight to earn MoneyBags. MoneyBags then can be used like coupons to claim CryptoGame Assets like ChibiFighters. We even take MoneyBag bets on NFL and NBA games to make watching meaningless games fun again. This is why you want to be in TheMob, they get 10% of every winning bet in The-City. You can even buy a ticket into the mob in The Auctions with No Losers where you either win the auction prizes, or profit ETH.

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