Beauty is lovely

Beauty I’ll say is perceptual

Might be the beauty you seek but not the beauty I seek. It’s in human, objects and animals. It fills our eyes with joy, happiness and pleasure and fulfilment. Beauty can be derived in many forms. The master is filled with aesthetics and that’s why we’re wonderfully beautiful.

Kids have always been my source of inspiration, they get me working hard, most times looking at the kids can get you working so hard and creatively. They are a source of happiness, joy, wholeness, you can name it.

Beauty is possessed by many and as it’s deem love. There’s a greater beauty at where craziness and love lies. 

Yes, kids. kids are beautiful they have all it takes to be admired even when they seem crazy.

A kid digs himself in mud and still keeps on smiling, Beauty in ignorance, right?

There happen to be a lot to admire in kids.

I’m a lover of kids but their way of expressing their love for you? Lol you could go crazy

Having kids is the dream of most married woman. I can’t say all, because not all who are married want kids. As for me, I’m a lover of kids.

Lol… Having kids could only get worst when they start learning how to write in school. Lol everything becomes their writing materials.

Lol YES! even your ride. Sweetheart, even your eyeliner can be a pencil for them. When they learn, they want to learn to the fullest. Leaving nothing untouched.

Lol let me as you this question, are you planning on having kids?

My analysis for living with kids 😂

One? Easy

Two? Hard

Three? So tough

Four? Lol that’s hell

Five? Lol I give up on you

Six? Lol i’d love to ask, how are you coping?

I’m a lover big time lover of kids. They inspire me


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