No one is free if

There is no chance to live

If you give a hand you can’t survive

there is a man who is not alive

There is a village shining

which has a big farm

after finding petrol

came to do a big crime

now there is no sun

shining is done

See what they have done

A big triangle

Eye middle of 3 angles

there is one eye who sees nothing

There is a blind who sees everything

there are a lot of people

who see with their hearts

death stays, you go, decreasing new births

your philosophy is reverse

The order of the antichrist

Million dollars in purse

Real workers have nothing, worse

Fake changes ,

pull the wool over eyes

Here is an example ;

one Bush goes, one Bush comes, that Bush goes, Barack comes

all of them are separate tongs.

Clinton watches Bosnia

Palestinian bombs

Clock full of nine eleven

Thousands of explosion blowes

Only one cage is for seven billion breaths.

History has given millions of victims, millions of deaths

The sun went up to witness the bodies

which are death

Unless this storm dies

it doesnt douse the fire inside macbeath

Just benefit yourself selling amulets

In the nuclear war doesnt come police or ambulance

Blood sweat massacre, cover rust and concession

Half is starving. Poor people in depression

I was an orphan in Kosovo

I was an orphan in Darfur

Palestine people bombed sky and

They are poor

My eyes, my Word

Yea White palace is grandour

İs that the thing you suffer, amour ?

Need someone to guide

concentration camps plus polarized sides

they know lots of things

but why he hides

Money saves lifes

can also be used for wipe ass out.

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