Friends, Hello and good mood. I want to continue to share with you tested me applications from the world of crypto.

This time I will tell you about the Berminal project. The application has both a desktop version for your PC and a version for IOS and Android. So, what is so interesting application Berminal and for whom and why it was created. And what about this say the creators of the project…

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This application is suitable for everyone. And for those who have long conquered the expanses of crypto space and for beginners. Users of the application available news feed, which is updated online, exchange rates and information on Airdrop (from

It is also important to note that the application is available in 11 languages (not so many projects offer such a variety). Here, many of you can rightly notice and ask me what is still so special in this product than it is fundamentally different from the rest?! Proceed to dessert!

in order to attract more followers, make a product for everyone and encourage the community and users, the creators of the project as well as here at TRYBE created their own coin BERM. Bern coin, with which the creators of the project perform several functions. Users get 1 BREM reward (up to 10 news per day) when they read and give news ratings. Also for some news there is a quiz and if you choose the correct answer after reading the article, you will also be rewarded with 2 BREM coins. Daily competition for the forecast exchange BTC pool has 20,000 coins BREM for the participants.The reward program itself encourages you to study the news and get to the heart of what is happening. For beginners, this is a chance not only to earn, but also an opportunity to get invaluable information about the world of the crypto industry and blockchain. For experienced market players interesting toy with bonuses. Given the fact that the project has a mobile application, it has become a guide for many in the world of crypto! By the way nice surprise 1 BREM is 0,5$ (however, with the caveat that this is an assessment of the coin by the creators of the project and time will show what the price will be in the end)

But the amount earned on AIRDROP pleasantly pleasing to the eye! Honestly, I wouldn’t pay attention to this project (I participated in Airdrop and got 150 coins for signing up and threw the app). But my friends and family began to ask me questions, and I actively involve them in cryptography and install various products for them to test them. That’s when I began to understand the purpose of the project! This is mass integration. And the project clearly copes with its task. And the price of the coin will be determined by the community.

If you want to test the product, this is a link to the mobile application Download Berminal at apple Android You can use my invitation code and get 150 BREM to your account (the Airdrop system is designed in such a way that the reward can only be obtained with the invitation code) Code: aca1a619

You can also take part in the referral program and get rewarded for each invitee, and your friend will receive a bonus only if he uses your code . Thus, the project ecosystem will grow and the number of new users will increase. And of course it will be very good if with this product even more people learn about the world of Crypto!

At the end of the article I publish information from the platform developers. I think it will help to understand the essence of the project and the prospects of its development! Berminal  is a real-time cryptocurrency news platform with a full-time staff of professional reporters creating and curating content. Berminal delivers live prices and technical trading indicators for over 300 crypto assets (BTC, ETH, XRP, + more) around the clock with a customizable watchlist and push notifications.

Crypto Psychic is a bitcoin price prediction game, built into the app. Win rewards for accurate predictions and beating the competition.

Most cryptocurrency articles that originate overseas take close to an hour to source, translate, and rewrite. We’ve solved this problem by hiring a team of multilingual writers! With Berminal, you get the overseas news before it appears everywhere else.

Download today to get in on the ground floor with an ambitious project!


-Real-time cryptocurrency content curated by professional, multilingual reporters from CCN, Cointelegraph, Techcrunch, and others

-News crawler pulls from 100+ RSS feeds, Twitter, and Reddit across multiple languages and regions

-Customizable Push Notifications to make sure you never miss news you care about

-A research hub for each crypto asset covered in the app. We’ve written summaries and aggregated data for each crypto asset

-Free Berminal Tokens when you create an account and when you refer friends

-We’re building many new features still to come!

Using the app will give you the inside track and the absolute most up-to-date news in the entire world that relates to cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Stop being left behind and buying high and selling low.

Berminal is the crypto news app for traders and enthusiast created by traders and enthusiasts.

Official website

The article used the information from the official website and compile the images from the site and screenshots of the application project Berminal

I wish you all a good mood! Good luck to you friends, love and patience!

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