If you are having a hard time looking for a blockchain game to play, I have made it easy for you! Here’s a shortlist of the best blockchain games on the market today!

Spells of Genesis

Love playing Yugi-Oh? Spells of Genesis is for you! It’s a card game for clever individuals who love to trade and play strategy and arcade games. You can even play it on Android and Apple phones! The thrill is when you progress, your card increases in value, too! See it here! https://spellsofgenesis.com/


It’s a combat game of Augmented reality, with a collection of fifty cyborgs, monsters and Gods for you to choose from! It has limitless character updates! There are also custom characters and creators are getting paid for their contributions. Read more here! https://www.augmentorsgame.com/


This blockchain app is most famous for almost crashing the Ethereum network around December last year. It’s a game of digital collectibles, the collection being digital cats! They are all unique from one another. You can trade, buy and sell them! Look for yourself! https://www.cryptokitties.co/


Cryptodice is a Sic Bo game perfect for casino players! But, even if you are not a casino player, you can play this game because it’s very easy! Just bet and wish for luck to be yours! Great rewards can be won, and since it has a smart contract technology of blockchain, results are always honest! Try it now! https://dice.dappcasino.net/

There are loads of blockchain games on the market waiting for you to discover them! Want more? Visit Dappsite to see more blockchain games and apps! https://dappsite.com/

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