I have been on EOS since day one, we have seen some rough times but better times are ahead.  I have tried several dapps in the past several weeks, here are some of the best.

#1 https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=firestarter1 

This one is special for many reasons, first of all, it’s not even a week old and already has the most transactions of any dapp.  This game is currently in BETA but has come a long way since its first days of launch.  Network issues seem to be fixed, there are also promises of paying 100% of dapp profit to token holders monthly.  Keep an eye on this one and feel free to use my referral code as you will earn .5% more pet bet ( I get .5% as well).

#2 https://game.eosknights.io/ 

This one is high on my list for when I don’t feel like gambling, it’s a pretty simple dapp with a built-in economy of selling and buying items.  There is no referral code for this as its mostly just for fun, with that said you CAN profit with this game though.  I’ve found several items that sell for .5 or more within my first day of playing.  This is a game you can sit back and chill with, it has a nice Netflix and chill feel to it.

#3 https://eos.win/i/firestarter1

This is a super simple lucky number game.  It doesn’t have a huge user base yet ( which I kind of like ), but I do see it growing in the future.  You can bid .1 EOS for a number, the numbers go in order so first to bid would be 1, if you bid .5 you would be 1-5.  At the end of the timer there’s two ways to win, have your number picked for the jackpot or be the first to draw, drawing ends the game which can only be done when the timer is up.  Each purchase gives you LUCKY tokens which you can use to pull from a side pot every 24 hours.

#4 https://eosdiamonds.org/?ref=firestarter1

I have to include one FOMO style game with this write-up, out of the 5 or more I’ve played this is my favorite ( it’s currently round 1 and I haven’t broke even but only have maybe .2 invested ).  There are some unique rules to this FOMO but the main reason I like it is it seems like it will last a while and has a low entry point of .0333 EOS.

#5 https://gameos.me/game/one-winner

This game is in need of work and some players, it is a lotto style game where you pick a number and after 100 numbers have been picked whoever’s number is drawn wins.  It has side pots of odd and even, high and low.  It hasn’t had enough players to start round #1 but hopefully, it will soon.


That’s my list, a few of them I have included my referral code if you want to help me out.  Remember gamble at your own risk, if you don’t want to gamble you should really check out #2.  I did not include wizards.one for the fact that it’s not operational enough for my liking thus far.  Feel free to message me any others I don’t know of or should add.

Most importantly get out there and try new things, be careful of games requiring money but if you have a little bit of EOS to spare there is a lot to try out.  Have fun and let’s continue to watch EOS grow together.

Written by firestarter1 on 8/23/18





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