The search for a good picture that fits the style of your article can sometimes take a little longer. You have no idea how many websites I checked until I finally found the Iceberg picture I was looking for to my article abut the Pareto Principle..! 🙂 Actually this article exists mainly because I had to go through so many websites for that.

So in order to be better prepared in the future and to also decrease the time for your picture searches for these sites I put together these lists.

It can be frustrating going on a “random free stock site” and finding a nice picture that you like only to find out you’d have to pay for it – and most of the time not really very cheap and affordable … Maybe you also don’t like to register on so much of these free stock photo sites with your email address and private information.

For these reasons I divided all the links up into the different categories for example “with registration” or “without registration”.

The most pictures from the free sites having a creative common CC02 license. This means that they can be used everyone for free. You can use them like they are or may edit them in any ways. This is true for most websites which are here referred to, but there are some websites where you can find images with different license models. Sometimes you may for example be allowed to use the image for free but have to put a link or note in the text.

So to be safe always make sure to check the copyright before you use any of these pictures for yourself!


Great META Search for finding free photos + Browse by Color, Collection & Source

Also search by color:


Free & Without Registration (lots of great to good quality pictures you can reuse!)

(I tried to put the websites with more usability and a bigger photo archive at the top of this list. But I didn’t really check every website in great detail. So there may also be some good sites in the end of this list who would deserve to be ranked more at the top)


Free & Without Registration (rather special, unique)

Free & Without Registration (special interest sites)

Transparent PNG’s:

Only Icons:

Only Food Pictures:

Only Nature Picture:

Only Animal Pictures:

Only Old Vintage Pictures:


Free & Without Registration (only one per day)


With Registration & Free


With Registration & Costs


Some Useful Image Tools

Photo Collage Creator:

Dummy Image Creator:


My final tip for finding your best stock photo: Just do a search on Google or some other search engine! Just add ” free stock photo” or ” free photo” to your search term like “water free stock photo”. I know this sounds very basic, but often this will lead you directly to the fastest and best result. If the search is not successful you can still check some of the websites mentioned here.

Good luck on your picture searches!

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