Hail, Trybians! Nice update to the website. Looks sleek. Last week I made a part 1 of this series where I look at my personal ROI from the different gambling platforms. I am doing this mostly as community service and for content, and to a lesser degree as an investment. So because of that I am exposed to almost all of these platforms. I am not a large investor, but I do hold bags in all of these – and thats the data I’m using. Dividends are collected on the same hour ever day, and I will mark new tokens for the week -because new tokens usually have very large payouts the first one or two payouts that screws up the chart a little bit. Also, keep in mind that my ROI’s are very personal and is in many cases based on how much tokens I was able to mine. But I have tried to mine enough to have a big enough dataset. Just understand that this is not 100% accurate numbers.

Last weeks total ROI was 7,36% and not 15 which I wrote last week. I’m sorry about that. I was using some wrong numbers I realised as I was working on this weeks divs. All the percentage ROI on each token was correct, but I had actually wagered and bought more than I realised.


Week 1 total ROI: 7,36%

Week 2 total ROI: 8,61%

This is however my personal ROI based off of different amounts of EOS invested. I have more EOS in Betdice than in ROLL or Fishjoy etc, so this particular ROI is perhaps mostly interesting to me, or anyone wanting to invest conservatively.

The average ROI is however this:

Week 1 average ROI: 17,70%

Week 2 average ROI: 17,78%

This is if you would have invested equal amount of EOS into all the gambling dapps I have listed. Higher risk, but as you can see FOR NOW, higher rewards.

Now, I am waiting for MAX, TXT, FISH and BINGO. And after that I am going to call it the day and not invest in more gambling sites. Counting 22 casinos now, and I it’s all ready too many. I spend an hour each day just collecting divs, and believe it or not, unless someone donates a huge amount of EOS, I have other things I need to get done as well..like eating and jogging.

I’m sorry there haven’t been much other updates from me lately. There is a lot of family christmas preperations and stuff going on, so it’s a tight month. Hopefully I’m able to squeeze in some good stuff as often as possible.

If you want to know what’s up in the EOS gambling-sphere on a regular basis, I suggest you join the EOS gambling telegram channel where you’ll meet a lot of funny characters. Meet for instance Art Vandalay and his daily problems regarding dividends…as well as a hardcore gang of edgelords, memekings, gamblers, economists and in general nice and varied bunch of people. Really suggest you follow that channel if you are serious about EOS gambling and dividends. They might come off as a bit though,  but they are in fact a very sweet group of young cryptographic..al people with a surprisingly high level of knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed this and see you again soon!

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  1. Infosion

    I can say that I defintely have other results for ROI’s. But that’s no surprise. I guess you’re doing it another way which makes also sense. Actually good that you do it that way, so you can see which investement was really the better over the time. My attempt (in my last article about the dividends) is to relate the payout to the current value of the token.
    As I’m doing this also a bit since a few weeks I get you 🙂 And in times like right now there’s really sometimes not much time left for anything. Then it’s nice to have something like POKER to just pay you the dividends without having to claim them .. ^^ But in the end I think it’s still worth the value and also doing comparison like you did very good. Thanks and looking forward to your next articles