Allright, two days ago I posted an article with my ROI for the first 5 days. After that a few other casinos started payout out, so keep that in mind when reading the stats. FAST, SVN and FUN were not included in the last article. The ROI after the first 5 days was 4,95%, but as you can see it is much higher now thanks to these new coins, but also the fact that payouts have been higher in general last two days. The “truth” about more long term daily/weekly ROI is probably somewhere in between these numbers. Don’t use this as a FACT-sheet, because the first dividend is usually much much higher than what you can expect as a regular payout.

All tokens and dividends are claimed at the same time in the morning.




The total weekly ROI was 15,64% 

A little unexpected was it that DICE was performing as bad as it did compared to ET, BG and POKER. FAIR and ROLL has been paying out REALLY good, as you can see ROLL has almost given back 26,5% in one week. Keep in mind though, that DICE, as well as ET and BG has been paying out consistent and proved to be long lasting. And unfortunately I haven’t tracked them before, which may result in a little misrepresentation. So please take this with a pinch of salt for now – and when we can look at the monthly ROI I think things will be more representative.

I am still waiting for MAX, CRASH, LKG and TOB.

MAX. No payout date is set, and the team is not very present in t their Telegram, but they are there. Hopefully we will get some signals on when dividends are set due.

CRASH has said dividends on December 1st, so we will have faith in that and not nag them more than necessary.

LKG has a countdown on their site set for about 5 hours from now, so hopefully we’ll be able to receive dividends by then.

TOB is just stating that dividends system will be released soon.

MEV is actually one token I don’t have, so I have left that out. I hear good things, and if you have the daily/weekly ROI on that, I’d love to hear what it is.

I am merely giving you the facts here, and this is by no means investing advice. I am a holder of ALL these tokens and it is of course in my interest if you buy them. Also keep in mind that this is HIGH RISK speculation. Don’t ever invest more than you can comfortably lose in these sites. Good luck everyone!


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  1. Eosian

    Very nice! I don’t think you should include the stats though if the payout is from multiple days of dividends stored up. Not sure that you did but it looks like it for those higher ones.

    I stick with DICE for the long term strength and good team.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      Hi! Thanks. I claim every morning at the same time every day. But like I explained, some are “unnaturally” high because its the first dividend payout and like you say stored up payout pool. So it is a bit skewed, and I noted that in the text 🙂

  2. Infosion

    Nice sumup of your payouts! Thanks for the stats, I’m happy to compare them when I’m ready with mine in my series.
    @MEV: The ROI depends on which price value you take. If you take a “normal”/average price from the last weeks it was really over 50%. If you take the very highest price it still was more then 25%. So even with the tokens being not very cheap it has by far the highest consistent ROI so far.