A life without goals is like a ship without captain. Goals means choosing your vision that what you really want to be. Goals setting is the most important parts of your life to be a successful man or achieve bigger in life. Choosing goals is difficult but your future depends on your correct decision. I think when you start your education life you should choose your goals at first. So research yourself is the best way to choose your goals.

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Before setting your goals you should be understand that your current situation is really supporting your goals or not. If you want to be a doctor then check your ability that really you can be a good doctor or you have the ability to be a good lawyer, journalist, sportsman or others. Choose your best ability. If you realize something happened unexpecting then try more to be successful or change your goal. Remember you choose it in your early age like better in your school life.

Your results have a lot of effect on your goals. If you don’t make a good result then research why you don’t make a good result. Obviously you don’t have much attention or spend your time in other sectors like sports or entertainment. If you play well or acting well or drawing well. Then I suggest besides studying you should also continue your others creativity. Don’t choose your goals with others decision. Always choose your goals with your own ability or talent.

A new year is also an important day to understand yourself that what you got and lost in the previous years. Research on it as it helps you to do better. But remember “never give up your goals”. Success is always with you.

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