I’ve been a little preoccupied with my other work related projects and have not really had a chance to do  follow up on my last Article – traditional Online Casino vs EOS Betting dApps.   In this article I really want to focus on the gaming receipts vs Macau and a high level write up of DICE.BET

Having checked on the dappradar this morning, what was noticeable for me was the volume of the 4 betting dApps on EOS.  The 7 DAY volume for these dApps were 18.5 Million EOS @ $5 which equates to $92 Million USD or a little over $13 Million in daily transaction receipts.

Macau Statistics

So I thought it will be a good idea to compare this with the biggest CASINO hub in the world!  The total gaming related receipts in Macau for 2017 was US$ 33 billion or $92 Million per day according to data released by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC).  This data was collected from the top 10 Casino enterprises engaged in gaming activities, which also detailed some operation expenses which i’ll list a few sample, too long to list them all:

  1. Operating Expenses $3.5 Billion
  2. Employees $3 Billion
  3. Referral customer rebates and commission $7.5 Billion
  4. Complimentary Goods and Services $1.6 Billion

Macau Gaming Receipts

If and a big IF the current level of EOS is to be sustained we are looking at the BIRTH and evolution of another Macau Casino ecosystem on the Blockchain.  The current EOS Betting dApp volume represents around 14% of the market share of the worlds biggest Casino Hub and AVERAGES only 800 players.  This excludes any of the hard expense overheads outlined above.  It is a little premature to really use stats comparison but hey you never know if these numbers stick and the space develops then it will certainly be interesting reference.

Online Gambling Market 2019-2020


The Dice has gone from a relatively unknown dApp last Month to developing a monster of a dApp.  So lets dig a little deeper, so according to their white paper they are a bunch of experience Mobile Game Developers based out of Asia.  The team noted in the paper they have been developing Mobile games since 2010 with one Game serving up to 1 million players coupled with user engagement and unique marketing to keep the gamers engaged and entertained.  Since I currently reside in Asia I can help put some perspective about that, the e-sports gaming industry is huge, lucrative and attracts tens if not hundreds of millions of players.  The Asian e-sports players are a very demanding bunch and require regular user engagement and will provide feedback in community chats to help improve game play of new features.  As game developers the Developers have to listen and react to the community and provide rapid prototypes iterations to introduce new features for the game play or risk losing the players to other games.

With this professional development experience under their belt it will no doubt be a great additional to the wider EOS community to keep on producing innovative games and ideas to further fuel the adoption from the wider Blockchain communities and potentially public.

Currently DICE has just the one game and it is relatively simple DICE game, you simply select a number between 2-96 and try to roll lower. The payout odds and win percentage is clearly displayed.


HOURLY LUCKY draw a game changer

I think they have brought engagement into the EOS community by way of showing their understanding of customer engagement and bringing their expertise from the gaming industry with the introduction of Lucky Draw.  They handed FREE EOS every hour where you are provided an opportunity to win 50 EOS for rolls between 1-10,000 however to hit the top prize is not an easy task but you know what it is FREE for all EOS account holders.  They hit the nail on the head head and it fired sure fired up the community with this simple strategy.

We believe it is a good strategy to increase the user engagement and draw a huge attraction to users. Although we need to pay tokens for the prizes, it worth as this was relatively cheap when compare to other marketing campaign.

I believe this was a killer feature the DICE team introduced to the community which propelled them into the stratosphere and helped them overtook EOS.BET.  Well they bloody broke all previous dApp records against the likes of CryptoKitties where in last December it had set a record of 9,750 users which was surpassed DICE although albeit briefly where it touched around 15k users.  This was short lived due to players and BOT’s mining the Hourly Lucky Draw which was quickly patched within a couple days with the help of DappRadar’s team.  The user number has been stable and hovers around 800 mark.

There will be a max supply of 8.8 Billion tokens and so far 2.75 Billion has been mined representing 31% of the entire supply.  With “All tokens owners can share 100% profit of the platform”

We believe prize fund is the most important for our business because it can motivate our users to bet. The more tokens our users bet, the more profit we make, our token owners can get more. It is similar to bitcoin mining – if you want to earn more, you need to contribute more, that’s “betting is mining” strategy. That’s a completely win-win solution. We will issue 100 tokens for every EOS bet, and the reward goes halves on every 5% tokens issued on this part.

The high user on the dApp peaked at around 4.7 million daily EOS transactions or $24 million USD which is a rather impressive number!  When the dApp first launched it was paying 100 DICE per EOS played, so when you see a bet with 96 or under then most likely they’re mining the DICE token.  However the token will halve at every 5% milestone, at the time of writing this currently stands at 25 DICE.

SHOW ME THE MONEY – Dividends and Passive Income

50% Profit will be paid out to all DICE token holders who have staked the token on their site.  The dividend will be paid out every hour and it is accumulative meaning you can leave it staking and claim this anytime.  You can also top up without having to unstake, unstaking the token also requires 24 hours ulike some other tokens on EOS where it takes 3 Days to clear.  The dividend pot on betdicegiver currently stands at 71k EOS and 28 Million DICE which will paid out on the 14th October to all tokens whom have STAKED their coins.  Currently nearly 67% have so far staked which is a very great for coin stability and creates a demand for the DICE token since most holders are HODL for the passive income this will generate for them.  The halving of the coins also reduce supplies meaning DICE have created a great economic scarcity model where more people are likely to want the coin than sell to make a quick $.

By my calculation the ROI is 15% on the initial pot payout, this is a pretty decent return of investment.

Currently DICE Bet only support EOS and DICE but in future any other tokens introduced will also be available for payout to the community.

If you don’t fancy a flutter or mining you can always skip ahead purchase the DICE token on the following exchanges.

Whats ahead and ROADMAP

The DICE team has indicated there will 2 potential game coming up, lottery, SIC-BO, SLOTS and perhaps Roulette.  The team indicated on the whitepaper they look to launch 1-3 games a Month which is phenomenal if they can achieve it.  The game especially interested in is SIC-BO for those that have not been to Asia especially Macau Casinos.  To put thing into perspective SIC-BO covers and dominate between 30-50% of Casino tables due to its popularity with gamers from China where SIC-BO take in the most receipts of any table games.  I believe DICE will have a marketing/promotion war chest to provide daily and weekly incentives events keeping the DICE community motivated.

I have pinged the DICE team a list of questions about their project and hopefully they will provide some feedback’s which i’ll provide in my next article.


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  1. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    Tony excellent update on the BetDice Dapp! I was lucky to be playing with DICE when they had their Token sale. It was 10,000 DICE for 1 EOS at the time and now I wish I had purchased more. Oh well, hind sight is 20/20. After the first dividend payout on Oct. 14th I think that some people may want to cash out their DICE tokens. This will likely cause a dip in the DICE price and maybe I’ll pick up some more then. The volume is incredible given that there are only 800 active players! Imagine dividends when there is mass adoption.

  2. Adil Elias

    Another brilliant and insightful post Tony. Great touch with the Macau casinos data and spending. It seems like online platforms would save a ton of money right from the bat.

    It’s a fascinating subject, I wonder how important of part plays the physical casino experience, as opposed to the comfort in playing from one’s home.

    Insightful stuff about Dice as well, thanks for sharing!

    1. Tony Lee Post author

      Thanks for dropping by Adil. Well in China i know there is a cap of 1 trip per residence to Macau! So if you cant get the yourself there physically the online experience is also good. the amount of money some people have made at the very onset or the crypto money have money to burn so why not.

  3. Eddie

    I am very impressed with BetDice, both as a user and investor of the coin. This team is solid with a great track record. This is a long hold for me. The really treat their customers and investors well.

  4. SouthernCrossroads

    Hey Tony,

    I had no idea that the dice team were doing that kind of work. Not being a gambler I hadn’t really paid much attention to the project, but I think this dApp is worth checking out just to see how the community operates. If they manage to rival the big casinos that will be an amazing feat.

    Great write up of a really interesting topic.

  5. Ashutosh Nirvadyaachari

    Very insightful article …esp. the comarison with Macau casinos!

    Personally, I found it too addictive. In fact, I burnt all my wallet into this game. But fortunately, the mined DICE were the life saver as their prices increased 4 folds. I guess, after the 1200 EOS daily Giveaway week is over, daily volume and dividend may take a hitting. So yes, they need to come out with innovative engagement strategies on a regular basis.

    The biggest stumbling block for playing this game is limited availability of CPU time. Even after the help from cpuemerrgency, I was once short of 1500 staked EOS. Now that’s too much to pay for a little entertainment!