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With the recent rise in crypto projects and the realization that the blockchain has so many real life utilities, the “Scramble for Usecase” has infected the blockchain community. People have began to come up with ways in which blockchain can be integrated into regular human life. Unsuprisingly, lots of usecases began to pop up, ranging from shipping and manifests, online education, hosting of applications, social media, gambling and betting.

Man has always been a creature of adventure, excitement and risk. It is what has led us to become the most successful animals on the planet, because the risks our forebears have taken have yielded the reward we enjoy today. So it comes as no surprise to anyone why most men love gambling and betting. Risk and reward in its purest form with all the adrenaline and excitement of a hunt coursing through your veins as you wait for the results. Yeah, I feel it too.

And so began the advent of betting in man’s life. Man began to gamble and predict based on outcomes. Sometimes he won, and sometimes he lost. A time went on, Gambling began to become too much of a chore. You have to go to a gambling center, leave your home, your wife and your kids and go out there to stand in line for a turn to risk your money. It’s just too stressful.

And then came the Internet…

The Internet revolutionized a great deal of things in man’s life and as expected it touched gambling and betting. Centralized betting platforms took gambling to the internet and people could now gamble and earn rewards from their homes. Pretty slick right? But something was missing. There was a body in charge of all the money. They held an amazing amount of control over their members because let’s face it, the members’ money is with them.

And then came Blockchain…

The Idea of sports betting on a decentralized platform was an ingenious idea that people toyed with for a while before some dropped it and thought it was too much effort to handle. But, a group of dedicated Developers decided to decentralize everything and go all out to create an amazing e-sports betting platform that would put regular betting platforms to shame in terms of decentralization, ease of use, betting odds and profits reaped. This platform was built on BeatCoin.


BeatCoin powers an E-sport betting platform built on a blockchain network that allows users to place bets on sports of all categories and earn rewards for doing so. The word BeatCoin sounds a lot like the grandfather of crypto – Bitcoin – and yes, it is similar in the sense that at its very core it is decentralized. But, the difference is that BeatCoin decentralizes fun. You can have all the fun you want AND control over it. But first, why E-sports? What is E-sports? Let’s ride.

## E-Sports

According to Wikepedia

 Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of competition using video games. Most commonly, esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.

This whole world of e-sports is becoming more and more known and profitable. Nowadays, there are many different sports in which it is possible to be part of a team, be involved as a sponsor, and have the chance of investing and betting or to simply watch for entertainment. The esports industry is entering a new and crucial phase in which the pace of growth in different areas and other accelerating factors will determine how fast esports will become the mature, multi-billion-dollar industry that many anticipate.

## Esports Games

### Fighting games

Street Fighter

Super Smash Bros.

Marvel vs. Capcom


Killer Instinct

### First-person shooters



Counter-Strike series

Call of Duty series

Unreal Tournament

Halo series


Battlefield series



Team Fortress 2

Rainbow Six: Siege

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Special Force II

### Real-time strategy

StarCraft: Brood War

Warcraft III

StarCraft II

### Sports games

FIFA series



Pro Evolution Soccer

Rocket League

Real Subspace Hockey League

### Racing


Project CARS


Multiplayer online battle arena

Dota 2

League of Legends

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of Newerth



### Others


Gears of War

War Thunder

World of Tanks

World of Warcraft



Puyo Puyo



#### Currently there are only 12 games on the BeatCoin Platform to bet on. More Games will be added on over time.

### Why E-sports?

The rise of eSports has been nothing short of remarkable. Right now, eSports tournaments and events are competing viewer wise with the likes of the Super Bowl and other huge, more traditional sporting events. Now eSports is a spectator sport in its own right and a huge one at that. It’s growing rapidly in popularity and has so far seen millions of pounds given out in prize money, with brands and other e-commerce companies starting to take serious notice. So eSports in its simplest terms is competitive video gaming. Its real beauty is the fact that not only do the actual games and gameplay make eSports what it is but so do those competing, be it individuals or teams. This is where the real e-commerce opportunities are for brands to take advantage of. The players, teams, competitions and leagues allow companies and organisations to get their name out there in association with the booming eSports industry. With over 150 million viewers worldwide, it’s a very appealing proposition for a lot of brands and e-commerce specialists around the globe; which even includes sports betting.

# BeatCoin AND E-sports

The BeatCoin Betting platform will feature a lot of games that users can place money on to make brofit. This Betting platform will allow users to place bets on the outcome of sports and gaming competition among users online. Anyone betting will be allowed to see the full stats of the team he is betting on to allow for a more informed choice on which team stands a higher chance of winning,

# Why BeatCoin?

Asides from the pretty cool fact that BeatCoin is a platform that allows for Esports Betting, BeatCoin will also feature a store where users can buy anything related to gaming and have it shipped over to wherever they are located in the world, with little or no shipping fees. Amazing right?

## How To Buy In The Store

First, you have to acquire the coin at a Crypto Exchange platform and keep it in your wallet to use any time you want it. Remember that the buying and selling methods are protected by the proof of stake. In the Beatcoin store you will be able to buy a great variety of products related to gaming and esports. You can buy from a keychain to a realistic figure of your favorite character. Every purchase will arrive at your door, and you don’t need to worry about expensive delivery charges. Delivery service cost is usually low and sometimes free. Use Beatcoins in the store or related shops to buy whatever gaming product you want.

# Coin Specs


# Block Rewards


# Official Links

:: WEBSITE : https://www.beatcrypto.org/

:: EXPLORER : https://explorer.beatcrypto.org/

:: WEB WALLET : https://wallet.beatcrypto.org/

::WHITE PAPER : https://beatcrypto.org/beatcoin-whitepaper.pdf


:: BITCOINTALK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5068525




:: BETTINGZONE : https://bet.beatcrypto.org/

:: TWITTER : https://twitter.com/beatc2



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