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BET24 (CHIP) now has made an announcement, that they are going to pay out their first dividends in a few days. Staking should be possible from yesterday on, as it says on the note at “Payout –> Stake” on their site:

However, I’m not able to stake my coins there right now. I also read from another user in their telegram group that he has the same problem. We didn’t receive any answer so far, but I guess they aren’t done 100% with it and are probably currently working on it.

Earlier on 8th of November they released a message about their first coming payout earlier in their telegram:

… and now an update last night:

So there will probably be a message soon about the real date when the first dividends will be paid and hopefully a statement relating to the staking issues. If you’d like to keep updated, check their telegram group from time to time:[email protected] – or/and also check their site at BET24.ONEThere’s not happening a lot of action in this group so far, but they do make announcements there (as you can see from the posts above for example). So best to check there for the first news on that.

What you can already say is that the first dividends will occur “once per an hour” – as stated in their first telegram info regarding the coming payouts, which you can also read above in the full statement from 8th of November:

After the first dividend, a dividend occurs once per an hour.
BET24 accumulates profits from 11-08-2018 to the first dividend to encourage the participants Dividend by staking their CHIP tokens. The first dividend will be huge.
Pleas, stake your CHIP tokens.

The current amount of all dividends that will be paid out can be seen in the Payout Pool already:

So it will be at least 1316 EOS & 441704 CHIP tokens. The expected payout for 10K CHIP is right now at 0.3497 EOS. If this projection will be right this would be a 20% ROI – and from what they tell it’s once per hour! (concerning the current price of 0,000174 CHIP/EOS). So this would mean that it would start at 20% at the first dividend payout and then decreases every hourly payout after that. So to make things too complicated for a calculation regarding the expected payout I’ll just decrease every payout for 24h with 20%. This will also result in a rather pessimistic calculated expectation. So I guess in reality you can expect a little more compared to the following calculation estimation for the first 24h of the payouts:

UPDATE: I was wrong on this and did some miscalculation there! It’s actually only ~7% instead of ~20% to start with and will after 24 hours of payouts accumulate to ~85,38% of ROI. (Read the correct calculation here)

So from what you can see I estimate from this calculation a payout of 99,53%, that’s almost a 100%! However, it’s still unsure when and if this will all happen like announced. For example the staking doesn’t work right now and the payouts aren’t finally announced. I don’t know how long this will take…

UPDATE: I was wrong on this and did some miscalculation there! It’s actually only ~7% instead of ~20% to start with and will after 24 hours of payouts accumulate to ~85,38% of ROI. (Read the correct calculation here)

Attention: This is also all based on the current value of the coin, which is 0,000174 CHIP/EOS right now. If things are changing drastically, then maybe this whole calculation may also not be very accurate anymore. But for now it makes sense that way to get an approximate estimate in a fast way!

Also, this is all just my estimation. I could be missing something or be wrong at some point. So don’t rely on all of this for a 100% sure..! Also if you spot anything I didn’t get right or any mistakes, feel free to drop a comment below.

UPDATE: Lol, well I guess this is the case now … 😉

The current price of the coin went already up…


… and there’s now a huge gap between the highest price of buy orders and lowest of sell orders right now:

You can buy CHIP/EOS on Newdex

Compared to the first payouts on FunCity (~30% +), EOSLuckyMe (~40% decreasing daily) and EOSeven (~1% per hour) this estimation of dividend payouts actually sounds realistic and really not too optimistic for an expectable return on invest.

Join BET24 here (and hopefully be able to stake some coins soon for the coming payouts!)

First Payout at EOSCRASH (CRASH)

EOSCRASH is now also doing dividend payouts!

The projected payout has an estimated ROI of ~1% at the current price of 0,00489 CRASH/EOS.

You can buy CRASH/EOS on Newdex

I’m just getting last stuff done for my article of my ROI% comparisons of all gambling tokens I had over the last week (plus some days…). Should be ready soon!

Happy mining/gambling, may be buying tokens, staking & taking dividends so far 🙂

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currecncies or any investment and especially EOS gambling tokens.



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  1. Dukefish

    Just stumbled across your series man, really great. Well written and you did all the math, cudos. I hate math!

    The gambling market while generating negative news and FUD is actually a real boost for the network and this dividend system being employed across numerous casinos is intrigued.

    I will look forward to your next entry in the series 🙂

    1. Infosion Post author

      Hey man, thanks! That’s really nice.
      Great if this can help you navigating better through the EOS gambling jungle 😉
      Yeah, in those times of the market this is really great! I’m also excited to see what’s all coming next.
      Happy you’re on board 🙂 Looking forward to publish the next part of this series very soon

      1. Dukefish

        You are more than welcome, yeah I have played and reviewed a couple of the gambling sites on here. Though they are numerous your average user can’t get to them all.

        Your updates really helped fill some knowledge gaps.

        1. Infosion Post author

          Nice, yes I see. I think I read some of your first parts of your series. I’m going to look them through, I really need more time for all of this 😉
          Great if this could help you, and I’m sure I’ll also learn some things from your articles too!

    1. Infosion Post author

      Your welcome, glad if it helps!
      Hm, well yeah I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit … at least it’s for most of these new gambling DApps not really uncommon that announced dates are postponed a little bit(and sometimes more..) and that there’s for example no statement regarding the staking so far.
      Thanks for telling your status!