Hi Guys! It’s your favorite cryptoblogger with another round of juicy crypto gossip!


An amazing EOS DAPP has come into the space powered by a token with immense utility and usecase. I hardly post about EOS tokens but this one is worth note. Their whitepaper is very detailed about their plans and the features of the platform. The name of the token is BET50!


The Bet50 platform is an online betting site for e-sports, live sports of various kinds as well as dice games.

Bet50 token is an international payment system built on the EOS blockchain. It is used for making and closing bets on BET50 Esports platform, dice gambling and in their online Casino and will be used to buy Gift Cards.

The ultimate goal of BET50 is to become the preferred choice of payment for gaming and betting platforms all over the world. Users can be integrated into the Betfty platform and be able to spend Betfty tokens in any gaming store; online or on the street.

Users will be able to access all the Betfty services – betting, gambling, staking and buying – from the platform easily and be able to monitor their investments with the most amazing user immersing experience imaginable.



•The platform will launch in 4 stages. The first phase is the Sports Betting phase, where users can bet on live matches with the BET50 token and earn rewards when they win. The process is smooth and very efficient. The User logs in to the platform with Scatter and an Identity is created for the user on the platform. The user then selects from a list of available odds to place a bet.

•Betting occurs via the aid of smart contracts and is fully automated. The smart contracts creates a bet slip ID for the user and stores it on the blockchain. The smart contract then reads the result of the match that is bet on and releases winnings to the user once the betting conditions are met. This process is fully automated and winners can place bets as well as claim their winnings at any time of the day.


•Very few things are as exhilarating as rolling a pair of dice against probably fair odds. Players will be able to gamble either EOS or BET50 tokens on the platform in a dice game. The player logs in with scatter and inputs the amount of EOS or BET50 the player desires to gamble with. He then sets his prediction for his roll of the dice to show above or below a certain number from 1 to 100. All fully automated and easy to run. Remember, odds are probably fair.