SicBo will be released at 08:00-UTC 30-Nov!

SicBo (meaning “precious dice”) is an ancient Chinese game of chance that uses 3 dice. Players are able to place bets on various outcomes of the dice.

As with all of our games, you will receive DICE if you are playing with EOS based on the current mining rate, and all bonus programs (Referral and VIP) are in effect. Profits will be distributed in the same manner as all other games. You can play with any tokens we have added.

We will be releasing SicBo in beta, to ensure everything runs smoothly in a live environment. There will be no limitations in place, but there may be some minor bugs that will need to be fixed. If you see something, say something!

DICE will be listed on BitForex

On 3-Dec, DICE/BTC and DICE/USDT pairs will be added to BitForex.

Deposits open at 12:00PM(GMT+8)

Withdrawal and Trading begins 4:00PM(GMT+8)

BitForex is a top-10 exchange on CoinMarketCap. They’re also the newest exchange in the top-10, and have a lot of room for growth. We are very excited for this listing!

Blackjack launch postponed

We will be pushing back the launch of BlackJack in order to optimize the user experience. We apologize for this delay. We know how important it is to meet our announced deadlines, so we’d like to provide you some insight into why this delay is necessary:

BlackJack requires you to transfer tokens while playing the game (in cases of split, double, and insurance); however, the block can be reversed unless we wait for it to become irreversible, which would result in a slow game, and a poor experience for the user. If we do not wait and the block is reversed, the user would already know the next card, and could make a different decision. This would be extremely bad for the bankroll.

In order to allow for a smooth and safe experience, we are developing the following method: we will give the user the next card without delay after receiving the transfer, and in the case that a block is reversed, we will require that the transfer be re-confirmed, otherwise the account will not be able to continue to play.

We have been testing several different approaches and have found that this is the best way to balance an enjoyable user experience, while ensuring safety from abuse. We want to be sure to have the best blackjack game available, and feel this is the best decision for our long-term success.

We expect that we will be able to release BlackJack by 14-Dec at the latest, and are confident that it will be the best version on the market.


Chat function will be added next week!

Roulette will be released in December!


Please stay tuned! We have more exciting news that we will be sharing with you next Wednesday!
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