1. For those of you who keep up to date with your airdgrabs and received FREE BetDice tokens (DICE) you can now receive another passive revenue stream from simply “staking” your free gift. Similarly players who have accumulated rewards from playing and those who have purchased DICE tokens from exchanges, for example, Newdex (https://newdex.io/trade/DICE_EOS ) can also benefit from the reward programme.

The main points to note are that 50% of all profits are paid to stakeholders and payouts are paid in the tokens that you can use to play. Currently, bets can be made in EOS or DICE, but plans are being made to add further tokens down the line. So as things stand, you will receive 2 passive revenue streams: EOS, paid in EOS, and DICE, paid in DICE.

Other things to note is that for the duration of your staking you will not be able to use your DICE for anything except receiving payouts while they are staked. You can unstake at any point and the unstaking period takes 24 hours to complete, although no rewards will be “earned” during this period. Finally, the payouts are paid every hour and you receive them in your platform balance, which can be claimed anytime.

So let us say we have 1000 DICE (based on their airgrab), what we can expect? Well, at the time of writing, the current calculated payments are 0.00126076 DICE and 0.00026546 EOS, which for a 24 hour period = 0.03025824 DICE and 0.00637104 EOS respectively. To put this in terms of a year, it equates to 10.65 DICE and 2.2426 EOS. For sure these are not big numbers, but there are many of us who may well hold a larger stack. Equally, because the staking rewards are based on the “Payout Pool” and this is itself a dynamic, ever changing figure, all calculations can only be treated as estimates. But still, it gives you a good idea.

So now we understand how it works, the next question is: how do we stake?

This in itself very straight-forward and takes a mere couple of seconds to perform. First you will need to go to the BetDice website here: https://betdice.one/ and log in with Scatter – yet another reason why you need Scatter if you don’t already have it, as it really is a beautiful tool.

Once logged into your account you’ll see the main screen as in the screenshot below:

Top right, next to your EOS account name you’ll see the “Payout” button which when you click through will bring up the staking interface. Why they didn’t call this “Staking” instead of “Payout” I do not know as it seems counter-intuitive. That aside, you’ll see there are 3 options listed: “Payout Pool”, “Stake” and “My Balance”, as in below:

The “Payout Pool” shows you the dynamic profit calculator and gives you an estimate of what you can expect to receive from staking. Once happy with that, just click through the “Stake” button and enter the amount of DICE you wish to stake based on your available balance and you’re done:

The final button, the “My Balance”, simply gives you an accumulative total of what you have earned from staking based on the amount staked and the time period you have staked:

So there we go guys (and gals), it really is as simple as that. Hope this helps 🙂

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  1. David Cooper Post author

    Just a quick update to my article since this morning. And that is that the staking window now has a countdown clock in the Payout Pool tab, so you can check on progress is you wish. Secondly, once you claim your rewards, you can actually re-stake those to maximise your returns if you want to 🙂

    1. David Cooper Post author

      Hi Blackpanther – and thank you. I’ve also noticed that because so many DICE tokens are locked into staking more bets are being placed with EOS than before, so the EOS reward ratio is even better than when I originally posted 🙂

    1. David Cooper Post author

      I must admit I bought in with 30 EOS via newdex at around 0.0004, so around 75k (and all staked). My current calculations are it returns around 1 EOS per 7/8 days for that level – let alone the DICE tokens you can re-stake. So who knows, after 6 months maybe they’ll all be free. But they keep paying if you keep them staked. But this assumes a lot of things, for example, their creativity to promote, how many users go for it etc etc. And if you go for the faucet thing, now limited to 10 a day max – but you will have to bet 1.0001 EOS for each extra click now, you can just keep clicking through. I suspect these guys have a real big pool of reserve funds to innovate and create other things. All I can say is “watch this space” and ride it while it lasts 🙂