The last couple of weeks the Gambling and ‘Fomo’- games have been running wild on EOS mainnet.

I just wanted to post a warning about one of those games that has been proven to be a scam.

The Final Noob Crypto Game is presented as one of the games based on the Ethereum Fomo3D games, where players buy keys to get dividends from players buying after them, and eventually an endgame to try and win the rest of the pot as the final bidder.

Of course these games all have a (rather high) chance of losing your money, that is the nature of these games. How ever the Final Noob Crypto Game is coded in a way where only the first couple of entries (and I mean literally only the first couple) get 99,9% of the dividends. On top of that there is a high probability that the creators are also the owners of the accounts that get in first, because they set the entry rules.

I doubt there will be another round starting after the current one ends, because in all likelyhood the creators are long gone, as they have already dissappeared from their created Discord-group. But just in case: stay away from it, and don’t lose your hard earned EOS on this game.


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  1. Gren May

    The spiritedness and youthful vigour of the sector encourages juvenilia, and these kinds of projects are ripe for manipulation. If I was to ascribe analogy I’d liken it to a gold rush mining camp with shanty businesses springing up, zippo regulation and little variety within that eco-system to spend your lumps of gold on, outside of whoring, booze and gambling. Or have I just described a good night out anyway??