Beyond the beauty which is what you see what else do you see?

You love a princess because she’s cute

You long to have a princess

Beauty I say is lovely and children have a way of being crazy in lovely way.

They wake up in the morning run to your room,tell you good morning. Hug you, jump around, sound fun right?

Just Wait until they unleash.

They prepare for, eat their breakfast, pack up and off to school.

Guess what happens when they are back? I don’t know because I don’t have a child.

But there’s one thing I know for sure, when they start learning how to write? Forget it, you’re done for 😂

They are so writing on anything because they believe things should written everywhere

Are you thinking of having a child?

Sweetheart be ready, they can be so crazily lovely

Just be ready to love them more when they love you.

Let me show you what it comes with

Phase 1

Lol… Speaking for myself, I will so love to have a prince and a princess. Let’s say twins. I love twins tho it’s hard.

Princess as pretty as they are, they have their cute playful side. Are you sure, you need a princess?

You know what scares the most? When they are so quiet. Trust me, they are you up to something, you just wouldn’t know.

Also, still on the crazy way children show their love, are you planning on having twins? Lol Maybe you should plan on a head cooler for yourself, lol because it’s not going to be easy.

One? is easy

Two? is hard

Three? so tough

Four? Lol that’s hell

Five? Lol I give up on u

Six? Lol I’d love to ask, how are u coping?

To crown it all, they have their way of saying to you, “I Love You”

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