That of quantized inertia is a theory that proposes to explain the phenomena of the Universe without resorting to anything dark: no dark matter, no dark energy. Mike McCulloch, physicist of the Plymouth University proposed this theory as early as 2007, and used it to try to explain the galactic rotation speed by excluding dark matter. He also believes that one day can provide the basis for launching non-fuel space vehicles.

This project has been considered interesting by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and it has been encouraged with an investment of 1.3 million dollars for the design of an engine based on the principles of the McCullock theory that we will see in a simplified way after seeing the basics of this theory.


Quantized Inertia (QI) theory:

As we said before, this theory eliminates dark matter, never observed directly, but “adopted” to solve an astrophysics problem: the outer stars of galaxies revolve around their galactic center so quickly that they should be thrown away by centrifugal force. So what is it that holds the galaxies “together”? The astrophysicists added “extra gravity” to that of the observed matter, and from this the dark matter was born. McCullock’s theory proposes an alternative: instead of increasing the gravity of the galaxies by introducing new mass, it limits the centrifugal force by introducing the quantized inertia.


The star, traveling its orbit at a high speed (speed, in red) undergoes a centrifugal force (white vector) higher than the gravitational force (black vector). Mike McCulloch’s theory states that another force, quantized inertia, balances part of the centrifugal force (white dashed vector).

Casimir plates




To prove his theory McCulloch proposes to build an engine that works on the principles he formulated. From what he says, he need only a small engine, a cylinder and a barrier made of a conductive material, that recalls the plates of casimir. The engine would turn the cylinder at very high speed and, as for the galaxy, when the cylinder rotates its centrifugal force is damped by the quantum waves. By placing the cylinder parallel to the ground and the barrier above it, the Unruh waves will no longer hit it from above and the entire mechanism should be lifted.


In the next 4 years, the studies funded by DARPA will test the theory together with its applications. if the theory will be verified, it would overturn our idea of the Universe, and it would give us an extraordinarily efficient propulsion system.

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Galaxy clusters

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Casimir plates

Artistic spaceship

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  1. cryptophasia

    I saw Mike give a talk about this recently at an Electric Universe meetup. At least he is questioning the mainstream, however still he accepts much of the old dogma. Electric Universe theory explains more simply that galaxies rotate just like a disc in a unipolar motor. This completely removes the need for dark matter, which was invented to explain the rotation of galaxies. There is also no need for this quantized inertia model, which merely plays with mathematical components that do not correlate with anything in physical terms, and therefore will lead nowhere. Anyone wanting to find out more about the electric universe, please visit

      1. cryptophasia

        Hi, thanks for your question, it looks like you are still getting 706 tokens for this article right now 🙂 I thought the idea was to reward high quality content, the theories you are proposing in this article I believe have been thoroughly discredited and am happy to provide you with the decades of evidence for this. In my opinion quantized inertia theory is complete waste of time, so I don’t feel like an article about it is high quality.