I heard a lot good about Big.One, one of those crypt-exchanges, more or less unknown in the west, but seemingly higly popular.

@cryptoslice provides a good overview of the basics:

Aside the impressive list of tokens, and the ONE token, that helps with trade mining, but apparently BIG.one also supports voting via the exchange:

It follows the standard, rules of EOS voting: you need to stake your votes, unstaking takes 72h and you can vote for 30 prodcuers and voting is free.
The one essential caveat: you need to stake a minimum of 1000 EOS, so not the amount the everyday holder has:

Aside that, as for transparency, they provide you with a voting account, which is not your own, but is your vehicle to cast your vote, so you can see your voting on-chain. They keep the RAM as well as the CPU and bandwith staked.  For details take a look at their explanation.
Anyhow this is significantly better, and simpler to understand, than those dozens of proxy voters, that bitfinex have set up, and leave you without any clue about the actual voting.

Another interesting discovery i made when looking into there bp candidate list:

So if you ever wondered where eosflytomars got their votes from, this might be (part of) the explanation.

They also seem to support the large majority of airdrops: https://steemit.com/eos/@conceptskip/state-of-eos-chains-what-is-worbli-edit

So if you have the 1000 EOS to put on an exchange, big.one might not be the worst option, since you are able to vote, and get most of the airdrops.

Be aware, that you need KYC if you would like to withdraw any funds, this is certainly a major backdraw.

Did you try out Big.One? What’s your experience with it?

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  1. cicbar

    I am user of BigONE and I hold looooot of ONE Tokens that are giving you daily dividends from BigONE’s profit. I have an article at Steemit about it and tomorrow I will publish that article on Trybe. I have great experience, everything works nice and simple. Bed thing is that Android App doesn’t support English language yet but after day or two, I figured out what is what even on Chinese 🙂

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Glad to know. Until now i have only a few coins on there for testing. The fact, that they can’t handle ETH transfers from other exchanges (based on smartcontracts) renders them more or less unusable for my purposes, thats why i didnt bother to do the KYC.

      1. cicbar

        KYC is done in a day. You saw that I am all in BTC and EOS and beside few profit sharing Tokens I have nothing more so BigONE is good for my trading. I have lot of EOS so I need exchange where I can easily trade many EOS Airdrops…

        1. Conceptskip Post author

          Hmm… maybe i could try the buy in with btc, that would be a possibility, still looking for an alternative to Binance, who are way too unfriendly towards eos, and not sure with voting and all the airdrops they have been keeping.

    1. Conceptskip Post author

      Sure, you did a good analysis already, so just wanted to build up, as i was curious about the voting!
      Btw. did you get a notification from the mention, wasn’t sure, it’d work out so just gave it a try.