Disgraced comedian and proclaimed sex offender, Bill Cosby fears of losing what remains of his $500 million fortune, as he is required to pay legal fees and the government while giving a piece of the pie to his wife, Camille. A recent report shared by Radar Online revealed that Cosby has turned to Bitcoin to save what’s left.

The report disclosed that he has since “moved close to $5 million in Bitcoin after an expert told him it’s practically untraceable and impossible for anyone but him to retrieve it,” which has been quoted as coming from an unnamed insider. The insider also added that the expert told Cosby of Bitcoin’s privacy and legitimacy, as it “couldn’t be taken in a divorce, bankruptcy or by the government in any liens.”

Cosby’s decision to do so stems from his strong belief that Camille will not easily leave the divorce court without getting a cut of his fortune. Another problem he faces is that of pending payments, which according to Radar Online currently sits at nearly $25 million in “unpaid legal bills”.

Clearly, the sex offender is doing whatever he could to escape the law. According to author, Frank Ahearn, not only is Cosby’s reliance on cryptocurrencies a “huge red flag”, but the fact that people are investing in something that is decreasing in value can only be useful as a “great took if you’re planning an escape.”

While the specs of his plan still remain unclear, the assumption is that he might have a middleman working for him – who will receive the funds on his behalf. This would also mean that Cosby would have to retrieve them in person.


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