The thousand Academy aims to become an open-access, community-focused educational platform for the global community. For the purpose of providing education to the global community, it is vital that the Binance Academy serves in multiple languages. For this reason, even the Turkish translator of the Thousand Academy is looking for colleagues in many languages.

Thousand Academy will pay 5 BNB for Turkish interpreter and other interpreters

The thousand academy will pay 5 bn for translation worth $ 50 to 1000 words. The languages of the University are as follows:

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese






Poland (Polish)






Others will be taken into account on a case basis

To be an interpreter, Binance asks you to fill out a form. If your application is successful, you will be contacted by e-mail, so fill in the contact details carefully. Of course it’s not easy being an interpreter at the Academy of Binance.

Binance explained the rules for interpreters

As an institution of the world’s largest stock exchange, it will be read too much, too much supervision and strict follow-up to implement the conditions of the stock exchange as follows::

The translations must be original. Using tools such as Google translations will disqualify the Translation Award Program.

Translations should preserve the accuracy of translated content when translating into their own languages.

Translators need to get approval before they can do any translation work.

Low quality translations will not be rewarded and these translators will no longer benefit from the Translation Award Program.

Once a translator has received approval for the translation, an article will be given in their own language and this will allow them to return the completed translation within 72 hours. Then this article will be reopened for other translators to bid. Articles, failing, delayed translator failing, delayed, will be evaluated with grades.

If the translator is evaluated twice in a ‘failed’ way, he / she will be disqualified from the Translation Award Program.

Translations evaluated in Telegram group chat and approved by the project management team will only be sent in Google Document format via a link to the Google document.

According to the monthly payment plan, translators will pay for all completed translations successfully through BNB deposits in their respective invoice accounts.

From time to time and at the discretion of Project Management, translation services may be paid extra bonuses for translators in terms of exceptional work, speed or quality.

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