The CEO of Binance, who pointed to the bull run despite the bloodbath on the market, presents flash Krypto Money News that includes Ripple and more expanding Asia…. Bitcoin and Krypto Money News Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao have doubled the latest comments and said a Bitcoin bull rush is imminent. Zhao, who appears in CNBC’s crypto trader, said::

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has doubled the latest reviews and said a Bitcoin bull rush is imminent. Zhao, who appears in CNBC’s crypto trader, said::

I don’t know what bitcoin will catalyze the bull race, but I’m sure it will happen… sooner or later, something will trigger it.

CZ reiterated that within a tweet there was no idea when this would happen or what the catalyst would be. Zhao said on the subject::

I’il say it once and all together. A bullfight, a bear run after the bull, the bear, the bull, the bear and the bull will be followed by…

Maecenas, the decentralized art investment platform, said Picasso will symbolize a work of art using the Ethereum-based ERC721 and ERC20 tokens. Maecenas said on the subject::

We slap a masterpiece and continuously make the painting inaccessible. Any final release date of the physical picture can only be agreed upon by token owners after the minimum amount has passed to the future.

The auction process will be conducted using Maecenas technology. The newly created digital asset will be represented as a single ERC721 token for the first instance of its type, for digitalized images. A certain number of ERC20 tokens will represent the shared ownership of the physical entity separately.

Earlier this year Maecenas allowed Andy Warhol to be tagged with a $ 5.6 million picture of 14 small electric chairs (1980). This made it the first million-dollar piece of art to be tagged and sold using blockchain technology. There’s no word Picasso is on the platform. According to the statement, specific details will be announced in the month of December.

Ripple and XRP stories

SBI Ripple Asia shows Ripple’s real-time payment application supported by xCurrent at the Fintech Festival in Singapore. Meanwhile, the crypto-backed loans platform Nexo is investigating whether Ripple’s XRP-powered xRapid is suitable for the company. Founder and Executive Partner Antoni Trenchev made the announcement on Twitter.

Tron stories

Tron’s new blockchains now have 15 decentralized games and are working. can browse the full list in app.

Changes in the foundation of Cardano

Cardano stories

Charles Hoskinson, The Founder of Cardano, welcomed the resignation of the president of the Cardano Foundation, Michael Parsons, following the departure of the IOHK from the Cardano Foundation. Hoskinson said that internal developments would open Cardano to the technology and engineering company, which enabled Cardano to do his best for the island, the native krypto currency.

Power Ledger stories

Blockchain startup Power Ledger will be set up on a peer-to-peer renewable energy trading platform. Scott helmm, President of the American Powernet, said::

We are very excited to be able to provide a clean and sustainable power to our neighbors instead of pouring our excessive solar energy into the network. The Power Ledger P2P platform will optimize the offerings of all participants.

Iota stories

Bosch explains how to use technology and partnership with IOTA. Bosch said::

The Bosch XDK (Cross Domain development kit) is a programmable sensor device for any type of use you can imagine and the Internet of objects (IoT) prototyping platform. Moreover, a powerful sensor node can be used as a solution. The state-of-the-art MEMS sensor technology brings together WiFi, ble, an SD card slot and ready-to-use software packages. This allows virtually any IoT application to be applied.

Bosch describes the purpose of the Bosch XDK in the following words::

XDK was developed for people at all programming experience levels and the necessary information material is free for all users. In this context, using the XDK as a starting point allows you to follow different projects. Simply put: Bosch XSD can be used to collect certain real-time data and sell it through the IOTA Data Market.

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