Is Bitcoin and crypto a happy ending for the money?

Bitcoin and crypto currencies are having positive developments lately. This shows that the sector is preparing for a bull market. Some of these developments here:

While bitcoin still remained stable, the daily trading volume rose to 4.6 billion dollars.

Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne says that as the financial systems collapse, people will turn to crypto money as in Venezuela.

The MACD Technical Indicator shows the bullish market for the crypto market.

In Colorado, Jared police, a Democratic candidate and Pro-Krypto, won the governor’s race.

Is Bitcoin and crypto a happy ending for the money?

Despite ups and downs, Bitcoin has been trading stable between $ 6,200 and $ 6,900 since September. Bitcoin is trading for $ 6.460, with a loss of 1.07% during the spelling process. However, the world’s leading crypto currency sees a $ 4.6 billion increase in daily trading volume.

Meanwhile, the record low volatility and rise views of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, who expects the collapse of the established financial system and massive adoption of crypto currencies, support the market. When the financial system of their country collapses like Venezuela or Syria, the people are heading for Bitcoin, the CEO says. He adds that people are getting into the crypto money field. He also emphasizes that the entire modern financial system is a “big Ponzi scheme”. By Byrne says that Bitcoin will become the world currency.

The latest developments that will bring the Bulls to the scene

However, there has been a fluctuation of recently seen between ethereum, XRP, Stellar and other crypto currencies. Byrne says it doesn’t depend on bitcoin. The crypto market seems to be prepared for bulls, and this year ends with a positive note. Bloomberg shared its technical indicators and at the end of the year the sector looks ready for a rally.

The MACD technical indicator at Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index entered a positive deviations point for the first time in the last month. The move corresponds to an upward trend in Bitcoin, which accounts for about 30 percent of the fund. Bitcoin stood up and was the highest in two weeks. Another positive development comes from Colorado. Jared Police, PRO-Democratic candidate and crypto, won the governor’s race. Jared Police says::

My goal is to establish Colorado as a National Center for Blockchain innovation in business and government. I believe that strong leadership will bring Colorado to the forefront of innovation in this sector.

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