Zcash (ZEC), the biggest winner among the altcoins)

Bitcoin is over $ 4.284, the worst for the crypto money seems to be over. The biggest winner today is Zcash (Zec) among the altcoins.

Bitcoin and the largest factoring status

The krypto currency market was stabilised after a short-lived recovery. Top 20 currencies are mixed, but it is clear that the upward momentum is faded in the name of the whole market for the time being. Total activation of circulating digital assets rose from 135 dollars to 137 billion dollars this time on Thursday. Now it’s around $ 138,4 billion.

Bitcoin chart price

The biggest and most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin, rose to us $ 4.284 in the last 24 hours, an increase of about 3%. Krypto money remains in a narrow range amid low commercial activity. Ripple’s XRP has not changed since it opened on day-to-day trading on Friday, and is watching below $ 0.38. The second largest digital asset with a market value of 15.3 billion dollars stood at a $ 0.40 level due to the lack of bull catalyst that should raise the price to a higher level.

Zcash (ZEC), the biggest winner among the altcoins)

Ethereum is changing hands from $ 118.39. ETH should have a $ 120 amount to develop a short-term technical picture. Moreover, the upward momentum is not yet visible. Zcash is the biggest winner today. ZEC, which was listed in Coinbase yesterday, soon saw an increase of 18%. Krypto currencies are traded at a level of 87 dollars, which increases by 9% during the spelling process. Zec is now in the 19th century with a market value of $ 469 million. He’s sitting next.

What’s going on in the crypto universe?

Muhammad El Erian, Krypto thinks it’s too early to leave the money. He adds that they will always be part of the financial world.

Tron is planning to launch a blockchain-based game fund.

South Korea is making a U-turn with the krypto currency policy.

Analysts and experts are beginning to revise their forecast for the price of bitcoin.

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