I read about a bombshell that is making all the wall street! It’se expected for the next month of November 2018 the start of operations of Bakkt, a regulated platform which, as the first product, will go on to offer futures contracts on Bitcoin with physical delivery of the underlying.

Tom Lee, Bakkt can put the turbo at Bitcoin prices

This important change should allow Bitcoin (BTC) to start growing again in terms of quotation on the cryptocurrency market. To think like that, among others, is Tom Lee, just as recently, according to what was reported by bitcoinexchangeguide.com, Mike Novogratz has emphasized that the next bull market for the cryptomonete will be led by institutions and not from retail investors.

Bitcoin, a key event to unleash a new rally

After the historic high of December 2017 up to the 20 thousand dollars, and after nine months of shrimp, up to the current about 6,600 dollars (follow here the prices in real time), for a long, too long time the bullish on Bitcoin are waiting for an event that can trigger a new bull run.

BTC, $ 6,000 level tested seven times

Speaking on Bloomberg Tom Lee, head of Fundstrat Global’s research, has not by chance emphasized that for a new Bitcoin rally you are going to hunt for new possible catalysts, and that the prices of BTC in recent months have tested the level of 6,000 against the dollar for 7 times. That of $ 6,000, in particular, would be the watershed level to extract Bitcoin or not be profitable.

Institutional investors will come en masse on Bitcoin?

The Bakkt platform would not allow retail traders, but institutional and wealthy investors to enter the Bitcoin market for the first time with volumes that would trigger a new run for cryptocurrencies after the stellar rises between 2017 and 2018, to date, they seem only a distant memory.

 I’m looking for information about Bakkt but honestly I can not find precise directions I can only say that it’se a platform is a joint venture with partners such as Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group and Starbucks.The company’s “mission” is not limited to simply launching a classic cryptocurrency exchange, but rather creating a platform that allows companies to offer mutual funds, pension funds and moreAs reported by Fortune, Bakkt also plans to create apps that make it easier for people to spend Bitcoins and make them forget their credit and debit cards.

November then may be the month of the rise of Bitcoin .. I will participate even if I have bitcoin😊 to the happiness of those who own it trying to regain confidence in all those people who stopped believing!

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