The recent confusing and polarizing fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into two separate coins presents a buying opportunity during the cryptocurrency bear market. Bitcoin Cash split into BCH SV and BCH ABC, with each headed by a vocal and well-known leader. Bitcoin Cash is a successful fork of Bitcoin that has itself been forked into 2 coins to accommodate more block transactions. Cryptocurrency investors should use this as an opportunity to get setup to profit.

Bitcoin Cash split from Bitcoin in 2017 and was a major windfall to many Bitcoin holders. The split of Bitcoin Cash into BCH SV and BCH ABC was not. It is speculated that Bitcoin Cash ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap) will be the dominant BCH cryptocurrency, as led by Roger Ver. The current bear market and confusion after the Bitcoin Cash split has put the coin below $200. As an old adage, it is a great time to buy low and sell high. The biggest winners are those who got the BCH for free for holding Bitcoin during the 2017 fork, but historically low prices below $200 make this a great time to buy. The current competition between the two company leaders (Roger Ver and Craig Wright) make this a good time to bottom fish this amazing coin. Bitcoin Cash is a superior product to Bitcoin as a currency due to it’s low fees to move the coin and speed of movement (scaling). Both products offer these features, but one may stand alone as competition intensifies.

Bitcoin Cash was a major improvement on Bitcoin and has brought it closer to Satoshi’s vision and the Bitcoin whitepaper. Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi’s Vision) and Bitcoin Cash ABC are competing head to head in coding and infrastructure. You the investor can profit heavily by buying the ailing BCH during this time of bearish roil.


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  1. Nicholas

    Technically the bitcoin cash is maybe a superior project, but if they want to still a superior, they have to fired all these childish project-faces, because that kitti-fight, what they did, was ridiculos 😀

    Children-like behavior, and big plans: create the only and one true bitcoin for mass adoption. Come on guys.