Bitcoin Dark (BTCD) has been around since 2014 and planned to compete with Bitcoin.  As of yesterday 4th September  the price surged from around $20 to a $100 peak in a matter of hours, before correcting to $64 as of the 5th September.

Which means BTCD surged by up to 350% in the last 24-hour period. Historical data shows its trading volume has also surged, form an average of about $100,000-$200,000 a day to nearly $1 million.

BTCD is traded on Poloniex and Trade by Trade. Its trading pairs on Poloniex – BTCD/BTC and BTCD/XMR – account for over 90% of the cryptocurrency’s trading volume.

The pairs are currently unavailable on Poloniex as the exchange is displaying a user message that reads BTCD in “currently under maintenance or experiencing wallet issues”  and disabling deposit s and withdraws whilst the exchange “find, test and audit a solution”.

Bitcoin Dark uses Bitcoins SHA256 Crytopgraphin Hash Algorithm and Proof of work(POW) and Proof of Stake(POS) hybrid hashing algorithm.  22 million coins were and created at the start of the project and was abandoned last year with most of BTCD having been converted before the 15th January 2018 to Komodo(KMD) and leaving around 1.2 million coin remaining general in circulation.

The BTCD development team moved to Komodo.  Komodo is currently trading at around $1.60 after rising around 16% in the last 24 hours .  KMD uses a consensus mechanism its team developed a delayed Proof-Of-Work(dPOW) and uses Zcash zero-knowledge proofs to make transaction anonymous.

Since BTCD and KMD swaps have is no longer available and confirmed by the BTCD tweet below.

Whats behind the surge in price is unclear.  However people on social media has pointed out and also one can only assume that since the project has been abandoned.  The Pump and Dumpers are at work to dupe out unsuspecting new investors who are unfamiliar to crypto currency.  Before investing into any project make sure you do your own research before parting with your hard earned cash.

Remember people DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH…

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