Bitcoin continues to increase its popularity and according to Wikipedia, Bitcoin’s growing interest in 2017 was able to get ahead of other popular names, brands and issues. Bitcoin, Wonder Woman, Elon Musk and Star Wars came before the cultural feelings of the most widely read ninth article article was reported in Wikipedia.

Bitcoin boxers passed Blockbuster movies and the Kingdom of England

Bitcoin has seen many names behind the first 50 reports of 2017, which listed Wikipedia’s most viewed articles of the year. Bitcoin article More than 15 million views of the blockbuster movies (Wonder Woman, It, Star Wars: Last Jedi, Get Out), sports stars (Floyd Mayweather Jr., Connor McGregor, Cristiano Ronaldo) from the Kingdom of England (Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh , Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, and music stars (Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande). There is no other crypto currency in the list.

The top 8 titles in the annual list include: Game of Thrones, Donald Trump, 2017 Bollywood Films List, United States. The most popular article for 2017 was the deaths with 37 million views. (By the way, this is not a movie title or album name.)

Bitcoin does not appear as a leading issue for the first time in Wikipedia. Towards the end of 2017, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were the second most popular pages in front of the issue.

Increased acceptance or only a specific interest?

As the world’s leading Internet encyclopedia and a quick reference center for everything from sports to fashion, to politics, to business and entertainment, Wikipedia is a good barometer for topics that are the most interesting and powerful part of people’s lives.

Based on the inclusion of Bitcoin in culture-related titles, individuals and subjects, we can say that it is normally part of a mainstream speech reserved for celebrities, TV characters and mega-movies. Bitcoin is a famous crypto currency.

It should be noted that this occurs in 2017, a year characterized by an increasing interest in crypto currencies and the resulting rise.

Although there are about half that of a decade, people want to learn more about this new currency, which has a rising value and maybe they want to understand how to take action.

This increase in interest will be seen in a volatile market where other crypto currencies are not particularly popular among people.

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