The bitcoin market seems ready to recover in a short period of time. On weekends and in the first half of the week some small increases began. This has an impact on volatility related to bitcoin futures contracts. This is a positive move that could signal a future price increase.

Bitcoin futures volatility drops

Bitcoin futures contracts are not where general interest should be. All providers have pointed out a very small volume since they introduced these tools a month ago. As a kind of “bonus”, the volatility of futures is declining. This trend has been evident for several months. Since bitcoin’s price has fallen, the volatility of these new trading products has increased.

In the week ending on October 26, Bitcoin has been at least volatil since the release of its valleys. This is an important turning point for the crypto currency ecosystem. Further stability can easily lead to future price increases. So far, the value per BTC seems to rise slightly. For anyone who is still on fence about bitcoin, the next few weeks can be very important.

Compared to traditional markets, bitcoin’s momentum was almost suppressed. All traditional beings have increased volatility over the past few weeks. This difference between both industries paves the way for reverse market momentum. Bitcoin seems to be separating itself from the other entities in this section. It doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it’s still interesting.

The road ahead for Bitcoin futures contracts

This unexpected development coincides with an interesting time. The Ministry of Finance announced that it will launch the recently physically submitted Bitcoin futures contracts. Therefore, decreases in the market can make these products more attractive. At the same time, speculators are drawn to crypto money because of price fluctuations. A lack of momentum can easily have a negative impact on investors.

It can be seen that the volatility in the maturities is reduced as a sign of the maturities. Bitcoin 10. he celebrated his birthday and apparently is entering the next stage of development. With the upcoming technical developments, the world’s leading crypto currency continues to dominate the market. Even if Bitcoin dominance index (bitcoin’s market dominance) drops slightly, bitcoin still remains “the best crypto money” for the foreseeable future.

In the crypto industry, prices seem to be rising. A remarkable exception is Bitcoin, which has not continued for a long time. This is a side effect of declining volatility in general. While this momentum is in place, the last months of 2018 can generally lead to some positivity. Krypto currencies have struggled throughout 2018, but the fight seems to be slowly coming to an end.

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