In the Great Southern Land, more often referred to as Australia and ‘downunder’,  Trybe’s Crypto Grandmother found herself walking past a magnificent Christmas-red bottle brush tree on the nature strip. Seeing the dripping crimson-red blooms led her racing mind to imagine Bitcoin hanging in trees as ripe digital fruit ready for the harvesting. She took a snapshot with her speedy mind and promptly flew home to gather her smart phone to take photographs, secateurs to trim a few branches and a handful of Bitcoin key chains she had bought online a few months earlier from AliExpress.  She had a creative idea and that was to take photographs of Bitcoin hanging from the branches of a tree or two.

A few weeks earlier as an exercise in Bitcoin recognition she’d hung a bunch of Bitcoin key chains on the messy notice board at home in between the living room and the kitchen. The notice board held photos  over ten years old, invitations to upcoming events, petrol dockets, unused gift cards and odd ball pinned paraphernalia ready for the bin.

She had a plan. How long would it take for those passing by to see the Bitcoin key chains;  not only notice them but to recognise them! Her plan included giving a Bitcoin key chain to each recogniser. The first recogniser was a forty old dental technician who came to visit. He discovered Bitcoin on Youtube. The second and third recognisers were Crypto Grandmother’s step grandchildren. Both boys. One fifteen years of age and the other twelve. They’d learnt about Bitcoin at school, not in the formal educational sense but from other students chit chatting in the school grounds.

The fourth was a friend who came over with an acquaintance for dinner.  Crypto Grandmother knew he was into crypto, however he had appointed a crypto broker to do the hard yards while he sat back and forgot about it.  His female friend had never heard of blockchain and Bitcoin.

The mother of Crypto Grandmother came for lunch one day. She saw all the shiny gold key chains with a big bold B on them. And, bless her eighty five year old ‘cotton socks’ she wanted one. Knowing nothing about Bitcoin it was enough for her to see the large B and recognise in her mind that the B stood for Bell – her last name. She was tickled pink to have her own ‘Bell’ key chain.

photo credit: k.bell (aka Crypto Grandmother)


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