Recently, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees spoke about Bitcoin. He explained his role in the industry and the government’s view of the largest crypto currency before establishing the ShapeShift.

“Bitcoin has an important potential, ” said Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift.”

In May 2011, the founder announced that he had information about Bitcoin through a post on Facebook. He added that he changed his life by reading a few articles about bitcoin and said “Bitcoin fell in love.” Voorhees stressed that people anywhere in the world can add value to their lives with Bitcoin at almost zero cost, and that this money can’t be stopped by anyone. The crypto currency will inevitably begin to take over the world because it is economically useful.

Voorhees also talked about the evolution of the crypto currency over the last 10 years. Bitcoin investor believes that the currency of crypto has “significant potential” to take over the world and will replace the government’s government. To him, these people will realize that Bitcoin is an alternative to the Fiat scam. Voorhees thinks it’s inevitable and that it can only happen if a group of people lead it. This is also why he allocated his life and projects to the krypto currency sector.

Bitcoin investor: “Bitcoin has certainly come a long way.”

Voorhees adds the following to their statement on the subject::

Bitcoin has certainly come a long way. I mean, every financial institution in the world is watching it, every government is uncomfortable and nervous about it. Tens of millions of people have used and used it. So, yes, he made great progress.

Although Bitcoin has grown substantially in the monetary sector, Voorhees says there is still a long way to go. However, bitcoin now believes that there is a higher chance of taking over the world compared to the time it took the first step into the industry.

Erik Voorhees said: “they know they can’t stop Bitcoin.”

Voorhees stressed that a government as big as the United States is not a single entity, and said::

In the previous days, I was afraid that U.S. governments and other governments would be tougher against Bitcoin and would see it as an existential threat to their currency and fight it.

However, governments abandoned their fears and became more tolerant. Voorhees believes it will change, because governments still don’t know Bitcoin is an existential threat to fiat. They see the crypto currency as a tax evasion, money laundering or drug problem, and are currently trying to find ways to deal with the problem. But they know they can’t stop Bitcoin.

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