So many different titles can be chosen for this article, I didn’t know exactly which one to choose. “Reasons for the Decline in Bitcoin”, Kriz The Role of Crypto Coins in the Global Crisis ”, Neden Where is the Bitcoin Price Going Right“

Bitcoin is falling because you are the reason.

You ask why? In fact, it should be very easy (relatively) for those who see the big picture to give an answer. As you know, from time to time I am writing articles about Bitcoin or other crypto money values ​​and trying to warn investors as much as I can.

On December 17, 2015, the Bitcoin price ranged from $ 350 to $ 450 and I wrote the following: yazı Bitcoin Price Goes to Open Seas: 1 Bitcoin in 2016: 1000 Dollars 201. With this article, I explained why BTC should exceed $ 1000. In fact, my estimates did not mislead me, and in a short period of time 1000 USD was passed. Nevertheless, the 2016 increase in the volatility continued until the end of 2017. The issue of increasing interest in crypto coins, which I mentioned in the article and which I care about very much, exceeded my predictions. From 7 to 70 people from all walks became a Bitcoin and Crypto Money Expert. Some have lost their money while others have not yet come to understand the system, but by chance they enter the time in a timely manner. But the point was not to make or lose money, but to see the big picture.

Naturally, when everything rises, one cannot consider too much and see basic dynamics. Because there is a steady rise and gain is good.

The crazy increases in the last quarter of 2017 revealed the fact that something went wrong (for those who could see the big picture). On 22 December 2017, I write ti Everyone who wants to make money from the short path will sink! The number of people who reacted to this article from various media has been underestimated. It’s hard to see the facts because most people are after a hope. I’m still behind everything I’ve mentioned in this article, let’s continue by quoting:

At the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin was close to $ 1,000. This can be a trap for the people I mentioned above. My personal opinion is that if Bitcoin went on its natural course, it should be worth about 2000-3000 dollars. The current situation is the lip of the airplane ..

Balance is everything! It is likely to fall at a time as it rises at a time. Perhaps the actual value of Bitcoin can be $ 100,000 or more; but time is required. It is an uneven and irregular situation in 20 years as a year. In fact, this is even greater for crypto coins with high volatility.

You need to combine small pieces to see the big picture. It is not enough to read the technical analysis alone or to interpret only the news, it is not enough to follow the regulation of states, the history of crypto money, the global economy or the companies’ interest in crypto coins, or just the software updates of crypto coins. These are just small parts that make up the whole. And these pieces need to be put together like a puzzle and the big picture must be seen. Only then can the closest results be reached.

I think the big rise in 2017 was a balloon which was realized as a result of the global interest and this balloon is slowly turning off. And you’re the reason why this balloon is formed, you’ve swooped through so many investigations, readings, unconscious that you’ve tried to cross a gigantic ocean through a life preserver, and you’re likely to drown. And this is the end of the Bitcoin and Crypto coins? Of course not. This is just a small setting in the natural loop. As I always say, the actual value of 1 Bitcoin is perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars; But it is too early for this. Because although the balloon effect has been made by artificial interventions in the market, Bitcoin has always returned to its natural cycle and will continue in the same way. It is wrong to expect a continuous increase or a continuous decline like most of the error. Think of it as making a balance; A little down, a little up.

Global Crisis

In the near future a global crisis is expected; and this crisis is expected to be very large. In particular, major currencies, such as TL, USD or EURO, may suffer major injuries. In times of crisis, precious metals such as gold or silver have always been in demand. Most likely, in the event of a global crisis, the currency will turn into money and the values ​​will drop dramatically. At this point, if there is a big global crisis, as expected, it would be no surprise to see significant increases in the value of crypto coins such as Bitcoin, ETH or Ripple alongside precious metals. Bitcoin, the US crisis began in the US and spread to the world of the 2008 crisis, while the beginning of 2009 with the genesis block appeared and after this date, a global crisis has not yet happened. So crypto coins will be on display for the first time in the foreseen crisis. For this reason, although it is difficult to predict what will happen, it is very likely that the crypto coins will be considered as the reserve currency. Do not draw the result of a pessimistic picture here. Crises have always been and will continue to be. Because crises, like the dramatic periods in the same Bitcoin, are the balances of the global financial system. It is also normal for balancing at regular intervals. The main thing for us is to take measures before the crisis arises. At this point, it may be necessary to see crypto coins as a value storage tool. Because in the case that the state economies will be upswing, the crypto money, which has a libertarian and independent structure, can become more prominent than ever.

To summarize the article; I think we are now aware of the bubble in crypto coins. Traders need to do next, then there should be some patience to wait. It is necessary to avoid hasty and panic. Because the world of crypto money does not end deals; perhaps the greatest opportunity may be during the next global economic crisis.

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