Morgan Stanley’s report, which considers bitcoin a new class of assets, did not only excite crypto enthusiasts. It also caused Max Keizer’s experts to claim that Bitcoin had a chance to reach $ 28,000. Max Keizer also adds that Wall Street’s interest in crypto money has determined the future of Ath.

With Morgan Stanley report, the industry has given rise to hope

In a recent report published by Morgan Stanley, Bitcoin and Krypto have created many positive effects on the market, as the currencies were stated to be a new asset class. Over a period of more than six months, the banking giant has sought to turn Bitcoin into a new payment system and become a new corporate investment asset class.

Moreover, the investment of giants like Fidelity is a sign of credibility according to the reports. In addition, the reasons that prevent institutional investors from entering the crypto area are stated as the lack of storage solutions, large financial institutions and regulatory uncertainties. The report also points out that the 7.11 billion-dollar Krypto money is currently managed by hedge funds.

When switching to stablecoins, the correlation between Bitcoin and USDT highlights the fact that nearly half of the Bitcoin trade is against other cryptos instead of fiat currencies. A report on the sector from the mainstream financial giant is increasing the excitement and anticipation of crypto enthusiasts and investors.

Max Keizer: “Bitcoin will be $ 28,000, price increase is on the way.”

Max Keizer, the inventor of virtual assets, market-making and virtual currency, and the partner of crypto VC fund Heisenberg cap, predicted a price increase of up to $ 28,000, he shared his views. He even stressed that this could mean the future of a new ATH.

Anthony Pompliano, a partner and founder of Morgan Creek Digital, shared his views on a wave of institutions:

Institutions have already begun to move into the crypto market, and cryptos is now thinking of the new asset class. As global stock markets continued to collapse, prospects in the crypto money market grew again. Because the crypto sector is beginning to attract Wall Street attention.

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