During the recent Lisbon Web Summit conference, the famous investor Tim Draper reiterated that in his opinion the value of Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $ 250,000 by 2022.

Draper had issued a similar comment on the price of cryptocurrency as early as April this year. “Believe it, it will happen, they will think you are crazy but believe it, it will happen and it will be fantastic!”, Declared the man at the time.

At the Web Summit conference, when asked if he really believed that Bitcoin would record an increase of forty times in just four years, Draper said:

“Yes. We’re talking about 5% market share to reach $ 250,000. It looks like a drop in the ocean, all we have to do is ensure that the Bitcoin can be used to buy drinks from Starbucks, and suddenly the world will realize that you have a choice: ‘Do I want a currency that can be used anywhere in the world? Or one that has value only within a country or a geographical area, and that can not be used anywhere else? ‘ ”

“Because we should trust the currencies defined by some weird political party,” Draper said of traditional money. The investor explained that the banking institutions “issue money whenever they want and for the most disparate reasons”: the birth of a “totally apolitical”, global and transparent currency would transfer control of money from banks to ordinary people.

In May of this year, during the GovTech Pioneers conference in Vienna, Draper had described his idea of ​​digital government based on blockchain technology, in which the use of smart contract and artificial intelligence could drastically change the role and responsibilities of the state .

A few months later, in September, Draper predicted that within the next 15 years the total capitalization of cryptocurrency markets will reach a value of 80,000 billion dollars, stating: “cryptocurrencies will upset thousands of billions of dollars: finance, assistance health and insurance, banking and investment services, as well as governments themselves “.

News source: Cointelegraph

Image source: pixabay

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