After 3 years Blockstream finally launched their BTC sidechain called Liquid which of beta program started in 2015.

It is created for high-volume traders and exchanges to use as a high-liquidity network between each other and right after launch a few already signed up for it.

Huge 23 players joined the network right away on the launch day. On the list we can find companies like Altonomy, Atlantic Financial, Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitmax, BitMEX, Bitso, BTC BOX, BTSE, Buull Exchange, D Group, Coinone, Crypto Garage, GO PAX, Korbit, L2B Global, OK Coin, The Rock Trading, SIX Digital Exchange, Unocoin, Xapo, XBTO, and Japanese Zaif.

Basically, i think the biggest gainer here is BitMex  exchange since without the liquidity transition when someone went long there had to also watch other exchanges to not be arbitrated on.

Currently, the company’s CEO – Adam Black – claims they have got  60% of all TXIDs on the network due to this liquidity exchange between each of the parties.

If this happened in the first day imagine what is going to be coming soon, i am sure other huge exchanges will join this also. Whats wondering is lack of Binance on the list – maybe they will be making their own liquidity system with similar exchanges from China, for example, KuCoin or Bibox  ? Im really wondering but only time can tell.

This is a huge step for big trades and security of books as well as Bitcoin itself and its incoming side chains.

You can become a beta user and join the network for free but there is not too much info about how to actually use it.

What is the game changer here? I assume arbitrage will be killed on BTC soon if more companies join. Maybe even all the books will even out. Will Ethereum then create a similar system and will there be no arbitrage in upcoming years on anything?

Surely this is interesting to watch.

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  1. EOSLoco18

    All well and good for exchanges, brokers and large scale business when the Lightning network becomes available then the whole BTC community can enjoy near instant payments. This can only be a positive for the mainstream adoption of bitcoin.