We are almost a year from all time high of close to 20 000 USD, loads of people who entered late are getting nervous and we also have a fight of two huge Bitcoin holder camps – Bitcoin Cash guys.

In last weeks we had hash and price fight over BCH ticker which ended with Bitcoin ABC pretty much taking it over in most places and making Bitcoin Satoshi Vision getting BSV ticker. Some exchanges, on the other hand, decided to use BCHABC and BCHSV as they did not want to judge whos the winner or confuse users.

In the middle of all this, we saw even bigger dump on Bitcoin price from 6000 USD to 3,5k-4200 USD range. Loads of people claim this is due to BCH whales dumping Bitcoin to keep their hash (mining) fight going.

Now an address 1EBHA1ckUWzNKN7BMfDwGTx6GKEbADUozX with 66,233 BTC that wasn’t used since 2014 (so also on the bull run and epic 20k USD BTC) wakes up and moves all its coins to new address 1KVAHsKYTGwerk6RSMBotfQMrau26nfwWm and then cuts all the stake into loads of small chunks on Segwit.

Just a few as a sample.

bc1q50vyd7t9773a635tafd9yw9pylnske6d4se5q0 660.33747869 BTC
bc1q9v7fams2cgznt22q5aw2c0w2mx2yp28vqxhpmg 660.33747869 BTC
bc1qq4c8rfl8dj8f9g5jy5hp760zlpfpqq495867yv 660.33747869 BTC
bc1qa939xgpxwu3erllws8wgnjm5y6pckwkrxkz87r 660.33747869 BTC
bc1q9pzcuye78g3uq9d00l834nl262436mas0erepp 660.33747869 BTC
bc1qd9sgns76v6v36xlkaf85ledl3pvk4y43j8pxax 660.33747869 BTC
bc1qhlehjxlg772g3dle4wj0czaur9h3jf4fg66ykm 660.33747869 BTC
bc1qdkpvxqw8yr9pmhwfcgnu4wa256wucqu4kk05yj 660.33747869 BTC

Yes, note all are exactly 660.33747869 BTC. On Segwith with Lighting Network its easy to mix up coins later on.

There was just one “old” address found there with 200 BTC send –  1FUBESNxB2JkyXPc4o9wwoGt158DC9A8dj which now holds 8 000 BTC.

 I were not following there from this spot as its obvious the person knows what he does and if he wants to hide, he will. Also, i dont think its nice to look into somebody’s pocket.

If this is BCH guys then we can expect dump on either BCHABC or BSV (if those were moved to claim the forks), if there is some OTC sale – then we have huge buyers which looks like good news for us. Just this timing now.. year after last bubble looks strange for OTC deal.

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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    I keep looking for a decoupling of the market. The really isn’t any reason for Alt Coins to follow BTC and yet they do. It’s troubling the when BTC falls ETH, XRP, EOS all drop in similar percentages. If anything good come from this bear run it will be a decoupling of the markets.