Black Mirror scares the crap out of me. There, I said it.

On paper it’s only a satirical comedy sprinkled with some notes of dark humor. But sitting through an episode or two would actually send your mind an entirely different message.

The grins and giggles are nowhere to be found, and as the minutes transpire, you’ll realize that it’s the goosebumps and bone chills that form the bulk your sensory experience.

It’s not exactly what you’d expect from something that is supposed to make you laugh, but like all unique paradoxes, there’s a mystery lying just beneath the surface waiting to be discovered.

As it turns out, much of Black Mirror’s fictional satire was probably meant as a series of warning calls hidden in a subtle and clever manner.

While the message is disguised in a new type of dystopian art form, the warning calls are often too scary to ignore – And by scary, I meant seriously messed up.

It’s only fiction, you say to yourself. The problem is that reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

As it turns out, some politicians seemed to have confused those nightmarish warning calls of oppression and dystopia with a model system for the future.

And without even skipping a beat, some governments are already trying to implement some of the craziest premises we’ve seen in Black Mirror.

It’s scary, I know. It gets even scarier when you remember that it took them decades to take Orwell’s warning shots from *1984* and turn them into Modus Operandi.

That was back then. This time around, a bat in eye is all it takes.

Do you remember the premiere episode “Nosedive” from a few years ago?

If you want to see the little hairs of your arms stand up while a chill goes down your spine, all you have to do is to check out the new the new Chinese Social Credit system and you’re in for a big surprise.

For those who didn’t had the chance to watch the episode in question – an episode that’s really worth its digital weight in gold – it tells the story of a young woman living in futuristic society where all interactions are decided by a social media score.

All your transportation options, all your house rental and buying choices are decided by how you rank in social media.

If you have a good enough score, then you’d have no problem renting cars, buying plane tickets or leasing a home for you and your family.

But if you had a bad social media score, then you could be banned from on-boarding flights, getting on public transportation, renting homes on certain neighborhoods… And the list goes on.

Even your own friends would unfriend you because their score would go down if they remained friends with you.

And of course, you’d get fired from your job if your score was to dip a little.

It’s terrifying, but then again, it’s only fiction.

Or so I thought.

…To Be Continued.

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    1. Adil Elias Post author

      I don’t hope so either, but it seems that in China they’re creating an exact copy of that episode 😛

      It’s an entertaining series for sure. My favorite episode so far is the last one of the latest season, the one about the bees. If I may ask, which episode you liked most?

        1. Adil Elias Post author

          It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but you never know. Maybe they just let them do it anyways.

          The entertaining value of the series is very low (in contrast to their shock value), usually you’d expect higher quality for Predictive programming but you never know.

          Always a sharp eye @i-am! That’s what I like about you, you always look at things from an angle very few people can.

      1. Dexpartacus

        Oh my god, Chinese have great ideas but sometimes not to much…
        Of course you can! I love speak about Movies and Tv Series!
        My favorites are Fifteen Million Merits & The Entire History of You, the second and third of the first season!
        I don’t know… I have the impression that when Netflix buy the series it became more “commercial”…

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      There are more entertaining episodes, maybe because they seem less scary as you can’t really see them implemented in the near future.

      This precise episode is scarier because it’s already being implemented in China. So it gives you a weird feeling because you’re watching a dystopian fiction while at the same time noticing the first bricks being laid for that world.

      So yeah, it’s not the most entertaining episode but it’s a little eye-opening I find.

      I hope you like it.

  1. miti

    Wow, that Series completely blew me away! I did the same thinking about the possibility that the series was not totally fiction, but had a ring of truth. I have to see the 4th season!

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      I think you’ll like the 4th season, it’s still scary.

      I found the 2nd and 3rd episodes to be the best of season 4, but each have their taste 🙂

      They say that season 5 will come out in early 2019, I wonder what they’ll bring us this time haha.

  2. CryptosDecrypted

    Cheers @the-alien. The series always makes me gloomy. I think the very first episode involved a kidnapper and a prime minister – twas compelling, grim and far too close to the bone. Sadly, as you note much of the dystopian vision of ‘Black Mirror’ is already with us – China’s Social Credit system – a billion plus people already living with that….Very well-written as usual. Thanks!

    1. Adil Elias Post author

      Thanks man! I appreciate it. It’s scary and grim as you say. I hope there was something similar but with more humor that makes you laugh and learn in the same thing.

      But credit where it’s due, the writers of Black Mirror do tackle important issues sometimes and reach millions.

      If only crypto had that exposure haha

  3. JZA

    I think this will be the future thats why identity is such a problem. Most people would need to be aware and protect their identity. But nowadays if you wear a mask and go in public most people will look at you weird. And most people think that if you hiding something then is probably because you did something wrong.
    So having your online persona tied to your identity is pretty creepy, facebook did it, and probably it ill spread through wildfire now that most apps require your mobile number and your mobile number is tied to everything else.