Advertising is and will keep being something that drives revenue to companies. It’s the bridge in which the company communicates with their target audience, so they in turn convert into customers. Advertising has really redefined the way we consume, and in reality, it introduce consumerism into a society that was broken financially speaking after the great depression. It boosted economic growth, exponentially. That economic growth has been centralized for the benefit of a few, but with the help of blockchain technology, this can now be redefined. Today I want to talk about a company called Blinked which is exactly doing that, redefining how people interact with advertising.

What is Blinked?

Blinked is an existing social media platform where its users can recommend activities, products or services and get rewarded for their contributions. Users can recommend anything from local businesses, fitness, sports, movies, fashion, etc. Who is using Blinked? Already 13,000 active users and influencers such as Prince Amukamara from the Chicago Bears, John Brenkus from ESPN and others.

Social media has to be redefined and the team behind Blinked knows this. User Generated Content (UGC) is everywhere and most conventional or “legacy” social media platforms don’t compensate its users for the awesome content they share. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TripAdvisor, monetize UGC without compensating their users. That’s unfair! In Blinked users get rewarded Blinked Gold, the native currency for sharing the recommendation and they can also get tipped with it.

That’s only talking about the UGC in the platform. What about the advertising business model? Is also broken! Or in better words, centralized. Social media giants earn billions of dollars in advertising revenue and the users, the assets of the social media platforms, never see a penny of this profit. Blinked rewards its users 90% of advertising revenue with the BGZD token every time they watch and ad. Everyone that participates in the platform is rewarded as it should be.

So what about the privacy and security of our data? Is pretty non-existent in current platforms. We already know how Google and Facebook are the giants of data mining and selling so will we keep giving them the rights of our data and privacy? Of course not, we have Blinked! Blinked integrity is secured by blockchain technology and this allows users to monetize their own data and not hand it to bad actors.

Lets focus also in the other side of the platform, we’ve covered users, now we will talk about advertisers. They trust and rely in centralized analytics such as Google Analytics to provide insights of their campaigns and to measure the effectiveness of these as well. In Blinked, because of the nature of the ecosystem, they can keep track and measure the campaigns directly without needing any third party solution. Users are encouraged to watch ads, to get paid, so that incentive engagement on the ads and in turn it can mean better conversion rates for advertisers.

Token Sale

There’s so many more features that this project is bringing that I will consider in doing another post detailing more the advantages this platform gives not only to the users but also to advertisers.

The project will finance the development through a token sale. This token sale will offer 525 million tokens for investors or interested users in the platform. You can find more information in their token sale website

The price per token will be fixed to $0.08. The economic model of the platform will ensure this price through the stabilization fund. With the help of algorithms, the platform will reduce volatility of the token so the price doesn’t get negatively affected by speculation or other market forces. Although stability is something all projects want, the interaction between network users and advertisers can potentially grow the valuation exponentially so this may result in “price discovery”. That’s one of the advantages of being an early pioneer of this awesome platform, you get to grow with it.


You can definitely read the white paper for detail information about the economic model, token issuance, features of the platform, blockchain usage, use cases and many more. I am pretty excited for the success of this project because I firmly believe in a more fair, distributed and decentralized world where people regain the power we own.

Visit their website

Download the whitepaper

Be part of the vibrant community in Telegram

or engage in social media for the latest news of the projects

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I’m participating in the content creation bounty campaign. You can join any campaign you would like to participate here: I’m participating with my account;u=882182 Therefore, I’m not giving investing advice, this article is purely educational in regard to Blinked

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    1. Jungle Onion Post author

      They go in detail in the whitepaper but they describe the stabilization fund as algorithms that automate monetary policies within the ecosystem to regulate supply and demand kinda like a stable coin. The problem with stablecoins is that they are obligated to be pegged to a value. That will be difficult to achieve but is nice that they are visualizing a stable ecosystem instead of selling you a speculative casino where you can flip your money countless times like in most scammy icos.

  1. Infosion

    Interesting plan for the stable price. Sounds like a nice theory for reducing risks for the price to drop.
    And looks interesting from your infomations, thanks for bringing this to my attention here!