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Block chain technology is one of the main driving force of IT development nowadays. From Bitcoin to Ethereum, now we have started entering the world of so called Blockchain 3.0. Different projects including EOS, Telos, Cardano, Tron and Neo, etc where massive decentralized applications can be processed and transactions per second are greatly enhanced. With faster transaction time and higher security, many decentralized applications can be created which may post a threat to traditional centralized applications.  Starting from 2018, some of the blockchain 3.0 projects have been successfully online. Among them, EOS, Telos and Worlbi have attracted great awareness from the market.

EOS vs. Telos vs. Worbli

All of them are actually a code fork of EOS.IO protocol and they are 3 different public block chain networks with different market positions and target users. Worbli is positioned as block chain for Fintech whereas EOS and Telos are positioned as blockchains with general use.

EOS being the first online blockchain by applying protocol from EOS.IO, there are some shortfalls and the design of Telos aims to overcome them and make a more perfect one.

In short, the Telos network offers:

1. Economic decentralization – No whale addresses as the airdrop of Telos are limited by capping the value of every address in the genesis snapshot at 40,000 Telos (TLOS) tokens.

2. Equitable pay structure for block producers and standby producers. As a result, the security of the networks can be further enhanced.

3. Telos DApp developers may designate original code portions of their DApps to be proprietary or open source. (All Eos DApps must be open source which will limit participation by many potential developers.)

4. Additional token holder protection and pre-activation resolution of stolen tokens will be adopted.

Since Telos has been scheduled to be online from 2018, it will be advisable to monitor their progress and update from the following links.

As a summary, Telos as a soft folk of EOS.IO protocol is trying to show to the market its advantages over not only EOS, Worbli but also other blockchain 3.0 network. Being potential investors and at the same time users like us we should do our own research and studies before investing on any projects. The competition of different cryptos in the market will definitely make our life more interesting and more convenient.


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