Blockchain has so far become the backbone of cryptocurrencies, the principle of work is basically Blockchain is a recording system or database as a traffic channel that is widely spread on the internet network, some trusted sites like https: // or also https: // there you can view the current transaction history. Currently, Blockchain which is also the backbone of each cryptocurrency is a Block system that receives orders and issues orders to certain addresses as transparent transaction lines to see some confirmation blocks that must be passed before BTC reaches its destination.

There you can see HASH, BLOCK, TRANSACTION. You want to know how far the BTC you sent or received has been passed, to see some confirmed and unconfirmed blogs, on sites like You can also fill out a form to do the BTC process so that it is sent faster to wallet if the BTC withdrawal process has been delayed for a long time.

Blockchain implements a transaction path system that uses the network of all computers in terms of transactions anywhere in the world. In essence, transaction records that have occurred, are stored by many computers called blocks that are spread on the network itself. So the Blockchain system is believed to have very little chance of being hacked into the system by hundreds of blocks or thousands of blocks that are on the entire computer, and the chances are very small for all these computers to experience interference at the same time.

Although Blockchain is one of the transaction spaces for all coins, not all coins on Blockchain can be checked, there are several cryptocurrency items that you can check there such as DOGE, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

While Etherscan is a block that is still very closely linked to Blockchain, it’s just that it works for ERC20 coins, where the latest coins that adopt ERC20 technology can be checked on the site itself.

So for those of you who are experiencing some problems related to pending or unconfirmed BTC transactions, you can see them there, the Blockchain will give you answers about your problem, whether the transaction that you are doing is right up to the destination, or has caused an error when sending.

As far as you do the transaction very carefully, then you will not find obstacles, only a few require patience to accept successful transactions, especially when sending addresses that really need to be noticed. I hope you can sometimes visit the blockchain site to find out your BTC address information.

Like the case, I just experienced, where the BTC transaction from the sender confirmed until this problem caused the old pending to enter the address, and this caused me to do a little hard work to find out how far the pending BTC was processed in the block. And finally, I only needed a little patience to receive BTC sent to my wallet.

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