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As I promised I publish a post about next Blockchain conference where my older son Alex was 23rd of October. Here is his short summary about this event.

Please, do not forget he is 20 years old and it is his first longer article even if he is not a blogger. Of course I helped him a little bit in the shape and content of the post otherwise I do not have too much experience except my trybe posts.

It was the 2nd Blockchain conference on Malta and they spoke about Blockchain and IOS, exchange hacking, ICO’s, mining 2.0 and of course crypto currency trading. There were several other topics as well but I focused of those which I mentioned.

I late a bit because of public transportation system of Malta is quite terrible. Unfortunately I skipped the opening hour therefore I was a bit angry.When I arrived there would be around hundred people in the hall.

So the first presentation which I could participate the exchanges hacking. They have just 15 minutes so it was really fast and short but I think almost one of the most important. I think everyone has known about that hack attack (which was the biggest in the history) when 650,000 BTC get stolen in 2013 and it is throwing bitcoin price into a malaise that lasted for years, or when hacked “MyEtherWallet” but true it was “just” 150,000 USD.They tried to explain how could they get it and how could they doing this but the time was too short for detailed speach. After this some people talked us about the decentralizated exchange can be the future but of course almost immediately someone sad the reverse so for 30 minutes they tried to convince each other but after all they could not agree. Luckily we had just 8 hours for everything therefore they could not finish their “fight” in front of the audience. They have spoken in brief about how was the previous meeting in London. The next theme was the ICO’s, some people came and talked us about how can we choose the “best” one (of course we can’t choose because there are too many options and everyone thinks the other one is better) so I don’t want to say which was the best and how can you choose the best one because of the Internet is already full of with these videos and there are too many ICOs out of there. It is like fashion everyone has an own which is his/her favorite one. Like my father his favorite was EOS or one of us common friends thought SALT was the best ICO then. Every time the options are changing so as I sad all is up to you. 

For the mining only one company came it is hotmine (mining 2.0) I made a soundtrack for the whole things it was 15min but I think it was full of with unless information so it is easier if I give you a short summary. I thinked it was full of with those information which for me it is too complicated therefore it was a bit disappointing. The important with hotmine you will use less electricity and you can save more money and you can use a boiler like a mining computer so when you use the water you get money not lost it (when you pay your water consumption bill). If you want you can check the https://hotmine.io/en website for me their presentation which they showed was little bit tedious and tiresome because of lots of data.

After this we arrived the most interesting part for me, the trading. I want to hear some thing about chart analysis but mostly he speaking about what we need it for the to be a good trader, but it still was good one. In the end of trading topic I asked about what does he think about BTC and Elliot Wave and he thinks we can use that wave as we want so as I understood he does not think BTC follows the Elliot Wave. He mentioned every time when the media speaks about btc is a bubble it has a crash but it is just a normal correction.

The ticket was 150 EUR when I bought it but as I saw it was already a lower price normally 300EUR but in the end (I don’t know why the last price was 119EUR). I think for these informations that was a too expensive I didn’t hear any big new information. After all I don’t think that conference worth it for me, the best was the chocolate cookies and the coffee in the break.

End of the event we could discuss with performers and everybody agreed we are close to end of the “cryptowinter” so just be positive.

I look forward the next event which will be on Malta two weeks later which name is Malta Blockchain Summit.

Thank you for your attention!

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  1. Adil Elias

    Thanks for sharing @Atti! I wish you could’ve gotten more value for the buck, but at least the positivity about the end of the cryptowinter can be worth it. Let’s hope this freakin’ winter is over yet so that the prices recover soon 🙂