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Yesterday I wrote about how I believe gaming and gambling will be the first major usecase for blockchain and crypto currencies. We see a tendency of that all ready with BETdice and these other gambling sites being the most popular Dapps, not only for EOS, but in the entire ecosystem. BETdice is about to pass 10,000 daily users soon, with over 1 million EOS in 24h volume. NOW we’re talking. Compared to the 500 or so TOTAL Dapp users of the Ethereum network in early 2018 (before EOS launched) we are mooning in terms of actual blokchain usage. And those who are surprised that it is gambling and soon gaming that is where almost all adoption is taking place have not been doing their homework, or they don’t understand humans.

EOS is about to revolutionize gambling – just like that, and no one really planned for it – it just evolved that way. Gambling, ponzi schemes and other weird economic/game theory inspired games are luring thousands of people to both lose their EOS as well as make enormous fortunes. And while we are waiting for more intricate and fun games with a lot more features than the current ones – I want to shed some light on an update mede to Pixelmaster, as well as introduce Bancor3d for those who has not yet discovered it.

Pixelmaster Update

I have written about this game in another article, but basically it’s a game where you can buy/draw pixels and then hope someone else draws over it. Certain tactics showed to be more useful than others – like drawing profanities, racist remarks, male genitalia as well as nude women – hoping someone would cover it up. But the game reached a ceiling, and very few people bought pixels. The 24 hour timer went slowly down and every few hours someone bought one of the 1 million pixels. At this rate I calculated that I would gone plus minus zero in about 2,7 million years. It’s OK with a long timeframe on investments, but even for me that’s a big long.

Now, the developers have decided to implement some updates after Dan Larimer himself started getting engaged and throwing out some ideas on how to improve the game.

Here they are:

1. The pot must increase by 0.1% per day. We will show a progress bar each day for the required threshold. This threshold is adjustable. (Dan’s suggestion of 0.5% is unrealistic at current activity levels — we’ll observe the activity, and adjust the threshold according to community feedback.)

2. If the pot fails to increase by this threshold, the pot will be distributed and the canvas will end. The pot will be distributed to all players who purchased a pixel in the past 24 hours, proportional to that player’s contribution (purchase value of pixels) in that past-24-hour time period.

3. To keep in line with our original design, and to increase the potential pot as well as help the community meet the daily threshold, we will revert the contract proceeds distribution percentages to 40% Patron Bonus and 25% Pot.

This should really get the game going again I think. A lot of people who are deep in the game (with their EOS) will be incentivised to purchase pixels every 24h to keep the pot increasing more than 0,1% per day. So you can either continue to buy as cheap pixels as possible and hope that people are buying yours as well – OR just hope that those who are holding more bags will keep the game alive and eventually buy up all your pixels.


Bancor 3d is a really strange project. Basically, you buy keys for let’s say 1 EOS each. You can then sell that key for 0,5EOS right away or wait for more people to buy keys thus increasing the value of your key. If you decide to sell when or if 1 key is worth let’s say 2 EOS, everyone else gets dividends from your sale. (Dividends paid out from the price difference from your initial buy/sell price) So when someone buys keys, your keys go up in value. When someone sells keys you get dividends.

If someone doesn’t buy any keys for 7 days, the pot is distributed between those who bought keys in the final 10 minutes of the game. The timer ticks down continuously, but each time someone buy keys, the time increases.

Someone speculates that the game won’t stop until it sucks up all the money in the world..I’m not smart enough or big enough of a game theorist to verify or not if this is even theoretically possible. But it is certainly an interesting project. I bought my first keys a week ago, and I can all ready cash out more than I invested – but I am receiving dividends every day, so I see no reason why 🙂

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An Accelerated Economic Game



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  1. Movingman Dan

    You and I know humans as a whole gambling with crypto? Its already taken off!
    I only just got back onto knights etc as there was a few scatter updates needed but wernt realeased for a while lol. Will spend a day and 20 eos exoring these wierd and wonderful games, thanks for sharing