Got your attention? Is one of the theories I’ve heard these past days. It’s not that bad of a theory..NSA (or some globalist/marxist cult or whatever) created Blockchain and Bitcoin as a first step to eventually implement complete surveillance as the technology is immutable and completely traceable. They have always talked about and wanted a global digital currency, and here it is. Right now they are driving the price down so they can take complete control over it.

Well..anything is possible these days I suppose, but even if we put the conspiracy theories aside, I believe it is a FACT that retail investors (you and me) are giving away their crypto currency to the rich, the institutions, the 0,1% and the banks. I suspect that it is they who are buying in and getting in control of this space – getting in control like they always do. Why? Because they are generally smarter and better at long term thinking. Also they have the resources and connections. But one thing is certain – MONEY ALWAYS FLOW BACK TO WHERE IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE. Yes, this might sound cynical, but it’s just a fact. Most people have this misconsception of money and what it is. Money is resources, and the smartest and most cynical people always end up with most of it. It is not that they are necessarily immoral or bad people, but rather practical, pragmatic and adaptive. They have an understanding of the human nature and they realise how this balance works. Again and again in history we see how money always flows back to certain types of people. Most people will strive to take that money through systems like socialism and taxation, instead of doing it the hard way which is trying to learn how to be that type of person which money always flows to. And the reason money flows to certain types of people is because of their ability to think rationally and long term. So called K-selected. An R-selected person or animal doesn’t gather wood during the summer, because he doesn’t anticipate a cold winter. He’s too busy sleeping around and enjoying the sun. A K-selected person will think ahead and plan. However, when winter is due, the R-selected will claim that the K-selected is selfish and evil because he doesn’t want to share. If we apply this to a broader system, the K-selected is the worker and the R-selected is the business owner. Eventually the R-selected will think to himself; “Why do I even need K? Why not take over his operation and I will cut my own wood” The only problem with this is however that K has spent his entire life learning how to adapt and cut wood in the most efficient way. And although R MIGHT be able to cut SOME wood, he will be not near as effective as K. And there will be harder times, and harder times create harder men and harder men learns to be K’s. And around it goes.

That’s the full story, but let’s stop right about where K is harvesting wood and R is not. Right now is the time where smart long term thinking people are accumulating wealth. Short sighted people with weak hands are selling into the hands of those who are able to think pragmatically and unemotionally. Even IF crypto and Bitcoin are to not make it, this is still a good bet. EVEN if the NSA-conspiracy theory is correct, it’s a good bet. Especially then I would say. You’d be one of the globalist elite, or you could fight from within as a billionaire freedom fighter. What are the chances that crypto currencies are dead? Is it even possible?

Right now I see and head about youtubers quitting and people selling with 90-95% loss. People talking about how they could be so stupid. And to be honest, I do get the same emotions my self. Why didn’t I cash out last year? Does it really have utility? And then when you thought nothing could get worse, you see a 95% decrease in the EOS DAPP really IS true. Everyone is leaving. And then you DON’T do the proper research and realise that whoops, what a coincidence – there is something wrong with Dappradar so it’s showing wrong numbers on EOS dapps. Whooops.

And then you FOMO back in, and then it drops again. And then you sell because fuck it, it didnt matter with the wrong Dapp volume. Then it starts to go up, and you think; “uh uh..not me. Not this guy. I’m staying out” and then you constantly check the charts and crypto goes up 100-200% and repeat repeat.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that are now interested in joining this space. And the more weak hands we wash out the better. Those weak hands will join in back later with more knowledge and a better mentality.

Hey, I’ve been saying all along that I was expecting much lower prices, and it was pretty obvious that we had not reached despair phase. Have we now? Very possible. MAYBE not. I would say I am 70 for and 30 against. Looking at the chart for Bitcoin I see massive volumes in this sell off. The highest volumes ever for Bitcoin. So these are probably long term hodlers finally caving in. People who bought in early 2017 or earlier at around $1000 selling now to at least keep a solid 400% profit. But someone are buying…who are they? There is almost no interest in Crypto by the average Joe now. Look at Google trends – it’s dead. So who are buying? It sure ain’t my friends or my dad or my brother. Not normal people. I suspect it’s the smart money and institutions.

I could of course be wrong and the price could continue to plunge even deeper. It’s not unrealistic.

One great thing that would be an effect of Bitcoin going even lower could be raised awareness of other types of Blockchains, like EOS. Most people have heard of Bitcoin, but close to no one has heard of EOS or have any understanding of what a Protocol or Blockchain is. And the best thing for EOS and crypto as a whole would be if we detached completely from the Bitcoin pegging. Bitcoin is doing more damage than good, and although I will always hold SOME Bitcoin, I will gladly see it die or wither if it could help improve peoples awareness for the potential for this technology and not just “a super expensive electricity consuming currency that doesnt even work that well and is being run by megalomaniac clowns”

To be continued…

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  1. Smitty

    If it feels like a capitulation event maybe it is. Maybe the next one will feel more like it? Time reveals all. In the meantime, are the fundamentals solid for decentralized everything and EOS? Feels good to me!

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      EOS is rocking it. And the absurd/good part is that NO ONE is aware of it’s existence. I have engineer and robotic friends on Facebook who post shit about InitativeQ..and write stuff like “interesting with these cryptos” it’s not even a crypto! And they are oblivious to for example EOS. It is crazy how little informed people are. But I guess people don’t want to talk to much about it and correct people on Facebook etc, because they know the IRS and others are having their spies out everywhere. Also, you don’t want to tell eveveryone on Facebook that you own it remains secretive. It will have to grow organic. But once the usecase is proven, it WILL. Remember Mega upload? It literally grew from nothing to having 15% of all the traffic on the Internet within a year or so. Because usecase. Not a CENT spent on advertising. All organic viral growth.

    1. EOSmastering Post author

      It’s more like 80% loss now, but yeah 😀 I see your point. I would not just HODL just for the case of hodling btw..I think that’s a fallacy. You should always consider your positions. Personally I have been moving a lot over to EOS. It was no more than 10% of my portfolio one year ago. Today it is more than 30%.

  2. Nicholas

    This little story about R and K selected beings, it wasn’t so politically correct, so…
    I like you 🙂 :beers:

    And you know, the thing, why we call average Joe as average Joe, is not an coincident… 😉
    The best advice, what i get, ever, “dont be average Joe”.

  3. Dukefish

    I enjoyed reading this, I did like the wood cutter analogy very poignant. I am surprised to see than youtubers and people are cashing out just because of a little bad news. I think that those of us who weather the storm will come out on top in the end! Great article pal!

  4. Adil Elias

    If you want to have an instant audience, just say the Illuminati invented X and you’ll have plenty of supporters from the get-go. Especially something that’s different or hard to understand.

    I bet the same people would’ve said the same about the printing press had they been born in the Gutenberg era. 😛

    Jokes aside, you completely nailed it man. The rest of cryptos should find a way to detach from Bitcoin. Especially those registered in more favorable jurisdictions.

    Anyways, awesome post once again! 🙂