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The Use of Blockchain and Blockchain applications is fast becoming rampant, and usecases can be seen in several sectors such as gaming, shipping, trading and merchant activities and so many others. Its use in these various areas has produced excellent results and people have taken to blockchain and blockchain activities at rates faster than expected. This has resulted in the search for more ways in which blockchain application can benefit human life.

As a result of this, a group og hardworking developers undertook the task to implement blockcain in a major aspect of human life – health. Health is a very big determinant of human survival, and a any and every way in which it can be improved will be welcome by all and sundry. This team came up with the **Liquid Regenerative Medicine (LRM)** platform.


The LRM platform is unique because it aims to create a unified world DNA Blockchain base for an instant search for donors and donor organs created using 3D printing. This function is very useful because it is not only accessible to the public, it is also built on a blockchain platform which ensures maximum security. The LRM platform also provides for treatment of individuals using advanced form of medicine such as the autologous tissue regeneration; self-regeneration.


How does the LRM integrate with blockchain to produce these results?

A lot of people don’t know but there is an inherent similarity between the DNA and the structure of a blockchain. Just like the DNA, the blockchain provides a secure environment for secure storage of data within a decentralized network of blocks. This will lead to easy distribution of data across the network.

Data can also be embedded so that unauthorized personnel has no access to it; it cannot be modified or stolen, and as the network grows, so does its security.

Asides this, the LRM platform also implements a lot of amazing features for the medical sector of the society, some of which are listed below:

### Monetization Of Personal Information

Users that provide access will be able to monetize their personal information to companies that need such information, thereby earning passive income just for being a human being. Information is very valuable and the LRM platform has given users the option to be able to make money from it. They will be compensated with LRM coin which can then be traded for Fiat. It should be noted that the reward for access to this information depend on the value of Information being provided, which will be determined beforehand.

### Origin Tracking

The LRM platform has ensured that service providers and regulatory bodies will have access to origin of pharmaceutical supplied to ensure safety of products and regulation. This venture will be paramount in the elimination of fraud and fraudulent activities from unscrupulous bodies.

### Data Storage And Management

LRM will also be used to store medical data, integrate Electronic Medical Records and Personal Medical Records which will contain information about the patient’s file. Something like a medical file, instantly accessible to any Doctor treating you that has access to the platform. It’s like carrying your medical file any and everywhere you go.


The LRM Mobile App contains amazing features that will allow users to be able to perform specific tasks like performing Body Scan to monitor pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and others. The application also allows users to record information about their diet and receive reviews and recommendations from experts on the platform.

# Coin Specs


# Block Rewards

# Official Links

:: WEBSITE: http://lrmcoin.com/


:: WHITEPAPER: http://lrmcoin.com/wp-content/uploads/LRM_Whitepaper.pdf

:: BITCOINTALK ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5075570

:: OFFICIAL EXPLORER: http://explorer.lrmcoin.com/

:: GITHUB: https://github.com/lrmproject/LRMcoin

:: MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE: https://github.com/lrmproject/lrm-install

:: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lrmcoin

:: TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/lrmcoin

:: TELEGRAM CHANNEL: https://t.me/lrmcoins

:: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lrmcoin



:: Windows 32bit: https://git.io/fp0rb

:: Winodws 64bit: https://git.io/fp0rp

:: MacOSX El Capitan: https://git.io/fp0rj

:: MacOS High Sierra: https://git.io/fp0oe

:: Linux 64 bit: https://git.io/fp0ov

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