Why It is Important. Blockchain technology in the field of healthcare would record digital events in a way that it does not allow for the data to be changed or recognized until it reaches the recipient. so data is protected from data breach threats. Smedical organizations be able to benefit from cryptography. which will become an important part of the way hospitals normally work. Blockchain does offer Integrity of Data. As the data volume in healthcare increases each year, it becomes harder for hospitals to process and store information. With Blockchain the information is recorded and encrypted, that is, it becomes impossible to change or remove. which means that secure recording and sharing of information is possible by anchoring data to the public Blockchain.

Blockchain technology provides a more secure way to protect data than ordinary encryption. in addition, It excludes intermediation in data sharing. 

Common problems in the healthcare field : Drug Traceability.  knowing that an important percentage of drugs in developing countries are fake, this counterfeiting situation would be terminated by Blockchain, because once a drug is produced and moves from the manufacturer to retailer, the operational data which is recorded on the Blockchain makes it extremely easy to verify the whole path of the drug, and determine all chain links at any time.

During clinical trials, researchers obtain and record important data regarding statistics, test results, etc. Unfortunately, Those data can then be easily modified in order to change the whole outcome of the research performed. However, Blockchain technology would add data in the form of the transaction and validate the information by all system nodes. This will allow for the storage of results from clinical trials in a secure way, making it impossible to modify any information.

With Blockchain Patient Data Management would be properly addressed. specially the patients necessity to share their medical records with third parties for example pharmacies when they need to buy medicines. Blockchain would protect the data while providing partial access at the same time by creating a hash for each personal health information block, together with a patient ID. Moreover, Using an  application programming interface, covered entities can receive the necessary information without revealing a patient’s identity.

Blockchain is an effective technology that can help prevent data breaches in the healthcare industry. It is a secure and reliable method of recording, storing, and sharing sensitive data. thus, disintermediation, data integrity, transparency, and decentralized register of ownership, are the core values of this new technology.

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