Series about change in digital marketing as of blockchain

Blochchain is much more as crypto or finance – it is a paradigm change that affects all industries – do we agree? For blockchain addicts like us here on TRYBE a major opportunity is alive. Why? We can educate people as we are early adopters. Bitcoin and all altcoins are subject of investment, speculation and more – but the real story is the technology behind. What is Blockchain again? Tons of definitions – I like this one seeing it as method of digital record-keeping that creates a ledger of transactions that is transparent and impossible to tamper with. Got it? The link to speculations in the crypto market makes it difficult to establish blockchain as serious development for mankind. So blockchain probably will fundamentally change the way a lot industries operate. This also influences (digital) marketing – but how?


Apart from the impact on banking and financial transactions blockchain will affect marketing teams of all products and services in terms of:

Changing the way data will be collected

Working on the internet you have to deal with traditional gatekeepers such as ISPs and web browsers who know all about our online activities – check your Facebook and you know what I am talking about. They are big brothers and tell us what to by and read next because they know it. Thanks Mr. Zuckerberg – fair use of our data, right? All our data has been collected, organised, sold and abused.

Blockchain is the solution to this creating a new decentralized internet kind of. Most collect also our data, true but our user data will be encrypted and protected – or should at least. So for a marketing person this changes a lot as you have not all the data as now – you would need to get back to collecting the data you want to use to target your audience. That’s because blockchain could soon allow users to voluntarily decide what type of content and ads they want to see. Means in a nutshell – now is the chance of real good marketing people to succeed again.

Watch out for the second part of this series coming soon here.

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      1. Workin2005

        No…but I believe it soon will be. Blockchain will finally bring a truly decentralized layer to the internet, freeing people from unwanted personal data collection and censorship. The last paragraph in your post touches on it. I think projects like Substratum and the like are the future.